Linux Thread


I’m thinking about running linux on my laptop.

Anyone have any favorite distributions? I’m leaning towards ubuntu or mint.



Personally, I use Fedora - it tends to keep everything fairly up to date with the upstream projects. Also, I hear openSUSE is really good.

Right now is a confusing time to get into Linux, as Ubuntu is releasing its Unity desktop, and Gnome (the usual desktop of choice for Linux distros) is releasing Gnome 3, which is very different from the previous versions. Overall, the two are similar, and seem to be either loved or hated, depending on who you ask. It would be smart to look into KDE for your desktop, as it is very nice and usable, and very similar to windows in its initial setup (plus it is a lot more customizable than Unity or Gnome 3). Personally, it’s my favorite now that Gnome is in version 3.0.

If you decide you want legacy Gnome (the one used in all but the most recent version of Ubuntu), look into less cutting edge distros, like Debian or Scientific Linux. for lots of good reviews and the ability to search through a lot of more or less popular ones, go to


If you haven’t really used Linux before use Ubuntu. It’s the easiest to get started with.

If you want to use it as a server, then I would recommend Red Hat - it’s probably the easiest to install and there are plenty of manuals and tutorials online since it is widely used.


Ubuntu is my personal favorite as well, I’m also thinking of switching from windows seven on my lap top but I don’t know if I can part with Microsoft word, it’s just so much better than open office and my professors post all the hw and stuff in word format so it just makes life more easy.


I have used linux, just not extensively. This is all in part because I run catiaV4 on one of my work computers and want to get used to linux/unix type stuff more.


Ubuntu is for amateurs. Debian is where it’s at.


i don’t see your logic chief… why give up the whole house for just the foundation?


I’d go for Ubuntu 10.04 or Debian. I’m currently dual booting 11.04 and Windows 7 on by laptop, and not particularly liking the new Unity thing… feels like they tried to copy windows/MacOS, but just ended up with a buggy, hard to configure pile of fail. It has potential, and I do like the layout, but it needs a lot more work… stick with the more stable, slightly older releases.


Slackware 13.37 just came out recently.


1337 imo^


Hmm. Just installing it in a VM now. Looks promising.