Apparently Levins went out to California to some sports doctor/science-y person to get a bunch of tests done on his body.

They (reportedly) found that he has extremely stiff/abnormal muscles for a distance runner, and perhaps this is why he can handle his enormous workload. I have no idea whether any of this is plausible, but it’s food for thought (and I’m just trying to keep my mind of the upcoming Tournament and my bracket).



This is coming from absolutely no scientific reasoning and just personal experience but couldn’t his stiff muscles be a result of the workload? I’ve also noticed a significant increase in muscle stiffness when I run high mileage, despite any stretching and heating attempts.

Not to discount the fact that there is obviously some genetic advantage Levins has not only to be able to handle the workload but also to improve from it and not crash and burn. I’d be interested to find out what his recovery involves (pace of recovery runs, hours of sleep, diet make-up and calories, etc.)


He runs pretty slow for most of his mileage. I’ve ran with him for a bit and on the Driven documentary on flotrack he says he goes as slow as 9min per mile if he feels that he has to.


Just loosely related, but has anyone here gotten Flotrack Pro and seen the Drivens? Are they as good as the Floguys claim?


I borrowed a user’s account and watched them. They are pretty entertaining and unique. They give a nice insight into the day to day life of the athletes. I did come away wanting more though.


just another anecdote, but high mileage seems to make me stiff too, it doesn’t seem to effect much in my life or running, but when I try to do stretches, plyometrics, yoga, etc I always feel too stiff and my legs too sore to do what doesn’t seem that hard to others, but I’d rather run more than do that stuff anyways