jesus why does everyone who post there suck so hard? i really hope i’m just gettin hardcore trolled, cuz the fact that some of those people exists kind of makes me hate to be a human being


I’m convinced that at least 85-95% of the people who post there don’t even like running.


That place makes me appreciate this forum a whole lot. There may be some terrible posters here, but at least they are called out.

I am of the opinion that most of the posters are current athletes, recently-graduated athletes, and various coaches. Most of them suck at running/coaching and cannot make up for it with brainpower or insightful analysis. It’s just a gossip-hub where people who hear something from a friend who heard it from a friend can post it and stir up controversy, all behind the curtain of anonymity.

Not to mention, the website aside from the message board is abysmal. I think that goes without explaining, though.

Just avoid it.


oh yeah not to mention the brojo’s “reporting” and self righteousness. “hey here’s our opinion, now take is as fact please”


At least they have a website.

With that being said, this forum is A LOT better. Yes, they have more posters and more posts but it’s so hard to find good posts with them being mixed in with all that spam.


The only thing I like about Letsrun is the homepage with a collection of running related news, and the inside jokes like ‘teg don’t run 10k’ (although I guess that one is dead now), ‘course isn’t rupp certified’, etc…but yeah a lot of the posters just suck


Although most of the threads on letsrun suck ass, there definitely have been some great threads on there, especially about training. I’d say about 95% of the posters on that forum have no valuable input whatsoever, but I have learned plenty about running from the other 5%, most of all from the ‘Great Letsrun.com threads’ thread.


yeah i have seen a lot of good posts and knowledgeable people there. but i really just cant wade through all the ****tards without slamming my head into a wall


As you correctly alluded to earlier, the big problem is that the website is presided over by two enormous f*cktards. What a cesspool.


Letsrun is a cluster****.


The threads with Canova, HRE, occasionally malmo and Nobby are good


One of the biggest problems with letsrun is the lack of sorting. I don’t want to have threads like

“Affirmative action”
“Best distance colleges that don’t party much”
“does starbucks filter the water to make their coffee”
“Anne Lennox and Cher? really?”
“Can Ron Paul Win?”

mixed in with my running threads, which in the lets run forums are for the most part just trash talking athletes anyways. They seriously need organized threads.


2 things that make LetsRun have a YouTube comment-esque message board (I mean the TOP 2…):

  1. No registration required.
  2. Everything is a cluster**** on the main comment page. The sub-forum is a severely under rated tool.

quick edit for comparison: I’m by no means the best or most knowledgeable poster here, but I’ve been the ‘post/email of the week’ TWO TIMES on LetsRun, with stuff that is pretty standard here, FWIW.


Hey, one of them coaches at Cornell.

It means he is smart.


fixed, i think…


You’re correct. But he attended Princeton I believe? I met with him and he is a really good guy. His twin brother has run something like 28:0x for 10k, and I think he is pretty similar himself. Wouldn’t blame him for the sh!t on that board, though who knows.