Lawrence Okoye to the 49ers


It’s going to be a baptism of fire but I don’t set limits on myself.

He’s never played a day of competitive American football in his life and the former rugby player went undrafted in the 2013 NFL draft. However the 6-6, 304 pounder impressed at the NFL combine and became a priority free agent:

  • 10-foot-5 broad jump
  • a 35-inch vertical jump
  • 4.78 40-yard dash



Is this guy related to Christian Okoye, the former running back for the Kansas City Chiefs nicknamed The Nigerian Nightmare? He also started out as a discus thrower. There’s a great story about why he moved to football.


As a 49er fan I will be fascinated watching this play out. I don’t know if he was any good at rugby but rugby can be brutal.

Fr**ggin’ Ravens last year.


Was listening to an interview with him on a local San Francisco station earlier this week and he’s already won me over.

The host said something like: “Harbaugh said about you that you’re an Adonis and that you an absolutely beautiful man’. What do you think of that?”

Okoye said, in his awesome Paul McCartney-like British accent, “If he said that, then I suppose it must be true.”

Best interview answer ever.