Late Recruit?


Not sure where to post this but…

There is this one very talented guy in my league, state leader by a longshot, 1:54 and 4:00 (1500m). He loves running, but from what I understand, did not understand the recruiting process and failed to contact any coaches. As a result, he did not get into any colleges with running programs. Since May 1 was the national reply date, he is committed to attending our state flagship, which has no men’s (only women’s) track or cross country teams.

Does anyone know if it would be possible for him to get to run at any D1/D2 schools this late in the recruiting process? Could a coach pull strings with admissions?


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What state flagship school doesn’t have Track or XC? (other than WVU) :confused:


University of Delaware as of next year but I don’t think they run the 1500 in high school in Del


He could walk on with those times, but I doubt he would get any scholarship money, this late in the game. Then again, I signed my scholarship in June, back in the day. You could PM me if you want some ideas.


I can vouch for PirateXC, knows what he is talking about.


If a coach wants someone and as long as their grades are reasonable, they can get them in at anytime. I have a friend who was looking at schools, not intending on transferring till the next semester. A coach gave him an option to transfer right away (2 weeks before school started) and he got him in with a scholarship (money was left over)


I bet that he’s talking about Oregon State. They don’t have a men’s program and they run the 1500.


Is Oregon State the “flagship” university? It seems they are always in the shadow of UO, not just in track/xc.


D2 schools…even good ones, my coach signed a kid 3 weeks before preseason giving him almost a full ride and he was a 358(1500) 156(800) kid.


I am assuming that this is Hawaii we are talking about. The 808 zip code is Hawaii and they don’t have a track team for men. (Like Oregon State and now Delaware).

It would easy for a runner to become lost in the recruiting process out there on the islands.


I thought D2 doesn’t give out scholarships?


DI gives out the most, DII is more restricted, DIII you can’t give any scholarships.


and ivies won’t give any money.

best thing to do is to shoot coaches some emails.

edit: I mean as far as sports. They meet full demonstrated financial need.


Yeah, its so expensive to fly to big invitationals that I think he has only made it up once, to try run at Footlocker West. But that was so late in the season (one month after states) that he didn’t do as well. Plus he is way better at track. On the other hand, there is another runner going to Colorado (4:02, 8:48, 9:14) who has run in one big invitational in both cross and outdoors for the last 2-3 seasons.

I’ll let him know to just contact the coaches. Supposedly his coach is trying to work something out, but if he couldn’t do it in the regular time period, I don’t see why he can do something now…


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