Lagat eying half-marathon


Or is it eyeing? I think its a british/american difference, IIRC

short story on runnerspace here


Does anyone care about the most questionable American Track and Field guy of all time

OR do you all think it is normal for a 38 year old guy to run 8:09 negative indoors

How misguided are some of you?


Guy hasn’t raced over 5km this century and is shooting for a top 5 US mark? Come on.

38 years old (probably 40+, really) closing down a 7:34i in 25.x…then gunning for 60:xx ~6 weeks later. It’s nauseating.


Kingcoe and I mentioned this on Middle Distance Stuff thread-
4:40 x 13 plus a great kick gets ~ 61:00


and does anyone really care?

Kind of like Bonds hitting a billion HRs


Thanks Yoshi, it is indeed that

and the folks just go on wanting someone to be that guy?

ARE you kidding me, it is the most illogical thing we see every friggin week

People should be embarrassed by what they see and have seen ala Lance etc


Come on man, his negative split clearly indicates he’s capable of 7:45 under ideal conditions. Converting that performance up and this half-marathon should be a walk in the park. If you can’t see the truth in that then you are just illogical. Please offer something relevent.
I predict he crashes and burns hard in the last three miles. 62-mid.


Lagat is becoming even a further joke


7:45? he runs 7:34 walking away

AT 38 , yet idiots on here lionize this guy

Get real


He should be embarrased not anyone else looking at it


In all honesty, sub-61 wouldn’t shock me all that much. He’s got enough pharmaceuticals flowing through those veins to set off an EPA water monitoring station.


None of the usual names on here should be surprised. Still disgusted? Yes. But not surprised. We all know what’s up with Lagat, so I don’t think there’s really a need to rehash it all. I for one, am just going to let my disgust/frustration bubble out into the world and hope that some sort of karmic justice prevails.

And to respond to King; I don’t think anyone who’s been around here for more than a month still thinks Lagat is legit. Anyone who still champions him is either new or does so tongue-in-cheek. But the fact is that he’s still an interesting (if infuriating) topic of discussion, so we’ll always be discussing him.

Unfortunately, I think he’ll end up around 60 low, probably motoring that last half mile. But maybe his soleus explodes or he trips up and eats sh*t or something to that effect.

There’s fluoride in the water!


Regardless of your opinion on him, I think its interesting no one in track in field media questions it, maybe people are afraid to question an American hero or people want to believe there is no possibility he isnt clean. Letsrun just posted that article about why seems to be ‘ageless’ but nobody coming out on the other side of the argument, which surprises me after the big Lance deal.

I know his career is coming to an end, but does anyone think he will test positive? Honestly if he does I think it would be the biggest blow US track and field has seen in a long time.


everyone wants to be winner picker

THAT is America


He has tested positive before.


It also interesting that there were so many outspoken American track athletes who talk about doping (especially after Lance). Why are they not willing to speak out, or point out some of the things that are clear as day?

(I assume fear from backlash they will receive, from Nike, USATF etc.)


Perhaps the ones that know don’t have concrete proof or any damning stories. It’s not like Lance who had dozens of scorned former teammates. Running really isn’t a team sport so a lot of the athletes willing to talk abut doping likely don’t want to make what would come across as baseless accusations (although those educated on the subject know that not to be true).


Lagat may well be using PEDS (he is 38 and surrealistically good), but if so, he is one of MANY guys in the sport who have cheated. He just happens to be inredibly talented too. Cannot single him out (even though I have a hunch he is a cheater). You have to be critical of MANY of the world’s top runners.

On the 13.1, I believe he has a fair shot at 61:00. Hall’s 59:42 is safe though.