Lagat 7:37.92


3.000 mètres:

  1. Bernard Lagat (USA) 7:37.92
  2. Paul Kipsilie Koech (KEN) 7:39.68
  3. Nixon Kipli Chepseba (KEN) 7:42.65étisme-lagat-nouveau-record-monde-vétérans-à-metz-225448556--spt.html

En remportant en 7:37.92 le 3.000 m du meeting Athlélor Indoor à l’Anneau de Metz mercredi soir, l’Américain Bernard Lagat, 40 ans, a amélioré son propre record du monde… vétérans.

I don’t speak french but I’m guessing they had a difficult time believing it too.


suspension of disbelief


What’s hard to believe is if the 2016 Olympic Trials for the 5000 meters were run today he’d have a good chance at qualifying for Rio. His runs this year fare pretty well.

[INDENT]3:54.91 US #4
7:37.92 US #1
8:17.05 US #2[/INDENT]



Suspending my disbelief that he is not suspended.

Lagat ran a PR 7:33.51 outdoors back in 2000, the same year he ran 3:28.51 and won his first Olympic medal.

Seems just fine that he can now run 7:37 indoors.




That’s not even close to the record. I’m okay with this.


Are we reasonably sure he’s 40?


It was a master’s world record?