KM/WAC regionals-sectional


Looks to be a potential for a lot of extra qualifiers coming out of this distance sectional.
Carl Hirsch-1:52.9
Brad Johnson-1:56.0
Dan Gagne 1:56.80
Lane Geisness-1:57.2
Richard Contreras 1:58.0
Andrew Dusing-1:58.2
Evan Runzheimer-1:59.0
Robert Effinger-1:59.0
Brian Warras-1:59.0
Matt Kizaric-1:59.0
Nick Hoppe-1:59.5
Steff Uhrich-2:00.0
James Kearn-2:00.0

Carl Hirsch-4:14.7
Brad Woodford-4:17.0
Taylor Floyd-Mews-4:19.4
Dan Gagne-4:19.9
Patrick Campbell-4:21.2
Lane Geisness-4:25.0
James Kearn-4:29.0
Alec Kirtley-4:29.2

Patrick Campbell-9:20.2
Carl Hirsch-9:24.4
Brad Woodford-9:30.0
Vince Paikowski-9:33.0
Taylor Floyd-Mews-9:37.61
RJ Salmon-9:38.7
Josh Sarna-9:45.0
Jack McCarthey-9:50.0
Stephen Browne-9:52.0
Jacob Jodat-9:55.0


Not as many as from the Madison Memorial Sectional… That is a rough set up for the top four in those events just to make it to sectionals out of the Middleton Regional.

Anyone know why the Mukwonago and South Milwaukee Regional Heat Sheets are the only two D1 regionals in the state that are not posted on PT yet?


Gavigan didn’t receive all entries from all schools on time…Should be up soon.


Got it. And wow.


I forget the rules for extra qualifiers. What are they again?


Top 8 time in all sectionals coming from all 8 sectionals. So if you’re 8th in your sectional but beat all other sectionals…you go.


If one is not in the top 3 of their own sectional, yet their time from sectionals is one of the 8 fastest times overall in that event, they become an extra qualifier.

Because there are 2 competitive sectionals for the distance races: Waukesha North and Madison Memorial, this could be a difficult task. Not that it still couldn’t happen, just that this will make it harder.


I don’t think the Madison Memorial Sectional will have any extra qualifiers because they won’t get out of the Middleton Regional. The top 4 seeded runners at that sectional will all come from the Middleton regional (Probably) and although it is very deep it does drop off pretty good after the 3rd seed. 1:59, 4:26 and 9:50 are the 4th place seed times.

WAC Sectional has 4th place seed times of 1:57, 4:19 and 9:37. Their 5th place seeded 1600 is 4:21 and 6th place seeded 3200 is 9:38.

I think the WAC Sectional gets 4 extra qualifiers out of these 3 events.


Last year’s extra Qualifying Standard

800 M Run 1:57.91
1600 M Run 4:24.81
3200 M Run 9:35.82


Any predictions on who goes to state in these distance events?