KKreme15 U.S. Tour - Summer 2012


I will be in the following cities this summer:
5/10-5/13 – Seattle, WA
5/24 – Littleton, CO
6/4 – Fairfax, VA
6/18 – Seattle, WA (again)
6/20 – Chicago, IL
6/26 – McLeanville, NC
7/16 – Pittsburgh, PA

Any of you from these areas want to meet up and chill? Grab some lunch? Let me know


What the? I don’t even. The whole thing.

Where’s Massachsetts Ave and 5th St NW, Washington, DC?


DC is a given all summer. Wisconsin and M for days. And numerous dinners at 3000 K St NW


That’s like in the middle of nowhere. It’s where frat boys and newlyweds hang out. Which are you?


no wisco or Minne? sad, bro. sad.


Dibs on Chicago!


You going to be like, downtown chicago?


You still owe me a trip to Penn Relays, which is this weekend…



I was going to drive up today, but it was raining :confused:


Wait, Wait, What!?:eek: You don’t play in Peoria?:confused: