Kansas Relays Mile


AJ Acosta opener and first one in a while: Good to see him back at it.

Pretty solid mile

1 Peter van der Westhuizen Unattached 3:56.90
2 AJ Acosta Nike 3:57.08
3 David Adams Lincoln Track Club 3:58.44
4 Nick Symmonds Oregon Track Club 4:01.57
5 Jordan McNamara Unattached 4:02.22
6 Will Leer Nike 4:02.50
7 Michael Coe Total Sports 4:04.70


Weather here is near-perfect. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there and the meet is 45 minutes from my house.

Nice field and three sub-4:00’s. And I missed it. Damn.


Let it be known that there was a typo, and Dr. Acosta is not in the employ of the Evil Empire at this point in time.

Toads all day.


nice run, probably converts to a 355 on a real track that has been resurfaced sometime since wes santee ran on it.


courtesy of BD’s facebook page

What happened to him and Nike?


First off, nice beard. I remember when I saw this beard singing with Matisyahu.

Second, I seem to remember an article that said he did get some offers but wasn’t excited about them so decided to wait?


Looks like training is going well! :smiley:



2nd again to the south african at the drake relays road mile. Not sure if they will be racing again in the stadium on saturday.