JV State 2016


Any early JV state predictions or rankings for this season?


Runners 8-17 from Wayzata is my top 10 JV rankings…


It’s that time of year again and I’ve come out of retirement to speculate on the upcoming Unofficial JV State Meet, the Lefty Wright Grade Championships. Unfortunately, I’ve been out of the JV scenes his past year as I can now say I am alum and enjoying new adventures in college. No fear though, I’ve done my research and I think I’ve captured enough information to have a good shot at predicting the JV results.
Name - Current High School - Last Recorded Time - Course
*Mitchell Tolander - Wayzata - 16:32 - Gale Woods, Lake Conference Varsity Race
*Torin Christianson - Chanhassen - 16:48 - Victoria Lions JV Race

  1. Andrew Brandt - Wayzata - 16:45 - Gale Woods, Lake Conference Varsity Race
  2. Anders Sonnesyn - Wayzata - 17:05 - Gale Woods, Lake Conference Varsity Race
  3. *Benjamin Wicklund - Stillwater - 16:58 - Victoria Lions JV Race
  4. Nick Kerbeshian - Wayzata - 16:58 - Gale Woods, Lake Conference Varsity Race
  5. Dan Urke - Wayzata - 17:06 - Gale Woods, Lake Conference Varsity Race
  6. Elliot Weisberg - 17:03 - Victoria Lions JV Race
  7. Willem Gokemeijer - 17:12 - Edina - Gale Woods, Lake Conference Varsity Race
  8. John Horan - Edina - 17:16 - Edina - Gale Woods, Lake Conference Varsity Race
  9. Joshua Halverson - 17:17 - Wayzata - Gale Woods, Lake Conference Varsity Race
  10. Mark Ellenburger - 17:23 - Edina - Gale Woods, Lake Conference Varsity Race

First let’s talk about Tolander and Christianson. Tolander ran great time at the Lake Conference Meet but he placed 7th on the Wayzata Varsity Squad. It also looks as though Wayzata chose to hold Gemechu Muskele out of the race. This puts Tolander’s future up in the air, he could run varsity or JV, depending on wether or not Muskele runs varsity in the coming section meet. As for Christianson, he ran great race at Lions and would’ve finished 6th on the Stillwater Varsity squad. He could very well race on the varsity squad next race, ruining his JV eligibility.

Teams wise, it seems that Wayzata will win yet another JV title, with Edina finishing in second. Not much to say besides Wayzata once again demonstrates great depth and a remarkable JV squad. Edina is looking strong again and should find a fairly easy second place title




Chris Stanek, get off track talk


Really what it demonstrates is that affluent schools with 3300 kids enrolled have a huge advantage.


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You still have to make the program attractive enough to draw the athletes that normally would choose soccer or football. Wayzata has a model program that attracts both the competitive and social runner and that’s not easy to manage, with or without boatloads of cash.
I’m a big fan of the Wayzata program, but find it easier to compare it to nationally-ranked teams in other states than almost all Minnesota programs. I used to be jealous of Wayzata because of their advantage, but now I admire the team, especially for their ability to attract lots of non-competitive runners who are hopefully developing a lifelong love of running.
One of the challenges of the super fast elite runner is when their speed and recovery erode over time, they tend to be more discouraged about not being able to hit new PR’s. The social runner might be more likely to keep running longer into their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.
Enough rambling for now. My 2 kids (7th and 9th grades) only have Lefty Right remaining.


Yes I do think that is nice, but they are far from the only team in state to do that. Schools at much smaller of a size do the exact same thing but see more limited results because they don’t have the size or resources of Wayzata.


And I’m not trying to bash them or anything, I just think these factors should be taken into account when we start praising their dominance.


Don’t forget that Victoria Lions has historically been a very flat, fast, and short course that usually shows quicker times, as opposed to more difficult courses like Gale Woods. Not to diminish the performances of those runners who competed very well at Victoria Lions, but the ease of the course should be taken into account when comparing times of different meets.


I’m having flashbacks to this thread from 2013.


The course was lengthened a few years back so its at least full length. However it is flat and fast. It’s fairly susceptible to weather, as was the case this year when it was soft and not as fast as usual.


Some may actually consider now for Gale Woods to be faster than Victoria Lions. Look at this year, Patrick Roos ran about 15 seconds faster at Gale Woods than Chaska this year, and that was with 30 mph wind gusts at Gale Woods. Fast terrain.


Wow… That was a pretty epic thread…


Wasn’t aware they lengthened it so thank you. I just remember when I raced it probably 4 or 5 years ago as a high schooler that it was unusually fast and I believe that it was wheeled short.


I haven’t looked at many of the JV results this year. But I think it will be a battle between 5 Wayzata runners for the JV state individual title:
2015 Results:
-Runner-up Josh Halverson 16:40 (Senior)
-3rd place finisher Anders Sonnesyn 16:42 (Junior)
-7th place finisher Nick Kerbeshian 16:53 (Senior)
-9th place finisher Mitchell Tolander 16:57 (Junior)
-16th place finisher Andrew Brandt 17:14 (Sophomore)

Q: Will Wayzata sweep?
A: …maybe


Mitchell has the best chance at winning if nick is not feeling up to it


Can Nick K win JV state?


Since when did track talk become full of high school Wayzata runner trolls. I’d be very surprised if Mitch Tolander did not win the Junior/Senior race, assuming he races all out.