Just one question


A hypothetical question. Assume all the states in the US decided to run a 6K for the boys, except for 8 states–one of these 8 is Minnesota. How long do you think it would take the MN boys to catch up with the rest of the country?


I’ll bite… As long as it’s taken for MN girls to switch to running 5k.

BTW, this is a horrible hypothetical as the 6k is a horribly insignificant (even more so than 4k) distance and there are no complaints about the 5k.


I feel like I am responding to a troll on letsrun. I am not sure what you are trying to prove - that sexism is going on? if so, please stop. I am going to agree with crosshare that it would take the same amount of time to change as it has for the girls. Therfore, no sexism.


This is definitely a troll thread. This whole ‘movement’, if you will, has used troll tactics the whole time and it’s annoying. I support MN girls running 5ks but enough with the trolling.


I don’t really like to think of it as sexism, but just the boys teams in MN seem to have more of a national focus, and very significant running dynasties. I just feel when it comes to MN girls in xc, that they are kind of forgotten about. Look at Track Talk. It’s ok, takes the pressure off the girls but there does seem to be a difference. The question is purely hypothetical because imo, MN boys would not be at the trailing end of enacting a change.


Boys are talked about on Track Talk b/c majority of the users on here are male distance runners and thus most interested in discussing male distance runners. If female cc runners cared to start conversations on here about girls’ teams and discuss these teams/runners w/ each other no one is stopping them and some guys would probably add to the discussion, but this doesn’t happen often b/c not that many girls are interested in going on these sites and talking about track. Outside of Track Talk, I would say I’ve seen pretty equal media coverage of successful boys and girls cc teams. Obviously if a boys’ team does better than any girls’ team at the national level (or visa versa) then that team will probably get more media coverage. Or the media always likes to cover any team with an interesting story line.


All true.

I like to talk about AA boys because they are typically the fastest, I was one once upon a time, results are more readily available, and that’s what most posters want to talk about!