Just got prank called


And I really don’t know who this person is. I looked up the area code and apparently its from California. I live in Illinois. So feel free to prank call this dude anytime you like.



send a dick pic


Its tempting. But they had to have gotten my number from somebody that knows me somehow so I don’t really want to.


It was me. I flew out to California just to troll you.

U mad?


Wow you sound like a huge douchebag in real life. And you had no comeback when I said I would castrate you and defecate on your chest. I’m disappointed in you Funnage.




please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s possible to just come up with 10 random digits and then dial.


Unless he has some sort of quantum decay process, they’d be 10 pseudorandom digits.

Hey, you invited corrections.


who says quantum decay is truly random?


Hey buddy, they called me last night.

They left a voicemail calling me a ******* ****** and told me to **** my own ****!

Except not really, just one second of silence.

But yeah, they called me too.


I do, I guess. Dunno man. That’s deep ****.


I bet it’s JG. He’s from around that area.


It’s not. Right area code though.


Hmm. Dyetective time?


I dialed it into my phone and no name came up.


Prank call that number all you want. It’s nobody. It’s the generic caller ID # from Google Voice calls.


Mind blown.


I should have known that. I used to Google call people all the time. You can call someone like 40 times in a minute. It’s actually pretty cool.


Hey chubs, is your refrigerator running? Of course it is, it’s a better runner than you! HAHAHAA ur a ****


This is insulting. I’m not even that slow. And I’ve never lost to a refrigerator.