Just a quick question


I am wondering what you would have to study in college in order to design athletic footwear. from spikes to trainers. Obviously some sort of design major, but what about anatomy/physiology?
your input is greatly appreciated.


Really depends on what aspect of a shoe design:

Materials (ie. midsole,upper) - Chemistry/Chemical engineering
Design - Industrial design/Art
Implementation/testing - Biophyiscs, physics (ie. forces), athletic training/bodily kinesthetics
Getting a job - marketing

Watch the Runnerspace videos on the Victory…
You see how its not one person. Rather its a cyclical process from conceptual/marketing->theoretical/engineering->physical/design and so forth.


This is what im looking to do too.
Im going to be majoring in conceptual design/product design.
Conceptual design has to do more with the science and physics of the design and product design is less science more art.


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I watched the videos, they were somewhat informative. So if I had a special interest in the conceptual portion of the shoe I would study Industrial design and art. but working with materials requires a field in chemistry?


The materials aspect is what I’m going to do. Majoring in Chemistry in University. Looking to go into the rubbers and midsole development if I can.


thats the angle i’m using


Okay I have a sweet idea. We all go to college get degrees in different aspects of the production of shoes. Work with nike, adidas, etc. for like 10 years. Steal all their ideas, and bring each of our own ideas/specialties; all reunite on TT then design the most BOSS shoe ever created.


that sounds like what microsoft is doing to apple. i’d rather be original or just perfect what nike is doing. They are the best when it comes to spikes really.


-industrial engineering (for design)
-materials science & engineering (materials [polymers/composites])
-chemistry/physics (for structural integrity/testing)
-kinesiology (biomechanics)

ideal situation is to major in MSE and minor in KIN

edit: it might not hurt calling up nike corp or somehow reaching those two guys whose names escape my mind from nike. ask them what they majored in and what they did.


definetely production spikes etc. but the video that’s just been posted on the promo/unreleased rare spike thread has really changed my mind, it’s about tyson’s spikes and their story. The second pair shown are monumental, old skool spikes with hand made leather plate and k-leather, but really minimilastic so they’re really light but strong and just to make them aggresive in the midfoot - a bit of carbon fibre, they are truly beautiful.

and RCS1113 - Brilliant idea :slight_smile:


WOW. thanks a bunch guys. soo I was thinking industrial design, is it the same thing as industrial engineering?