Josh Lampron to Villanova


Acccording to Villanova Running site and independent blog, Josh Lampron the returning number 2 I believe U.S. HS miler signed with Nova on 2/8.

Will go well with McEntee, Fitzsimmons, Sam Ellison , red shirted (3:45/1:52) HS Rob Denault and Mildinghall


After being injured most of the indoor season he’s come back and ran 2:32, 2:31 and 2:27.57 tonight in the MA Division 2 state meet. His first two races were easy wins by 8 and 4 seconds so tonight was his first big race and he was barely edged out by Syracuse-bound Joel Hubbard. The 1000 at All-States next weekend is one to look forward with 3 already in under 2:30 and 3 more divisions to run this weekend. Last winter for comparison he ran 2:29.77 before ultimately running 4:05.99 outdoors so it will be interesting to see how the injury and relatively short indoor season will affect his mile in the spring.


Ran 3:45 for 1500 tonight unofficially at New Balance Boston Twilight Meet.

1 Chris Brown Brandeis Uni 3:43.39
2 Tim Ritchie BAA 3:44.25
3 Erik Berg Brown Univer 3:44.57
4 Kevin Cooper Brown Univer 3:44.92
5 Brian Harvey BAA 3:45.59
6 Josh Lampron Unattached 3:45.74 :smiley:
7 Byron Jones Columbia Uni 3:45.94


Josh Lampron - Mansfield 4:09.59/1:52.03
Gotta feeling he’s just warming up:D


4:07.88/1:51.99 @ Mass All State Meet today:D

Syracuse Bound Joel Hubbard 2nd 4:09…27:D


I was on the final turn watching his races while my kids vaulted, he looked so smooth running those times yesterday. Especially with only 200 to go and in the 800 making his move with just over 100m to go. He made it look way too easy. Awesome double!


This guy is really really good,and with Ellison making NCAA final at 800, and McEntee maybe making the final at 15, he picked the right place, he should thirve at Villanova.