Joe Novak


Sophomore Joe Novak of Catholic Memorial is…

THE REAL DEAL. He was at it again last night with a 1:55.74 at Madison Memorial which stacks him up there with the big boys. Coupled with his performance last week at Marquette (4:22.42) that makes him the current leader in D2. Very impressive week.

School records are 1:53.45 and 4:12.51 by former UW-Madison and current Oregon Track Club distance coach Jerry Schumacher.


Just a small clarification but Jerry is no longer the distance coach for the Oregon Track Club. Check out the article for the details:


Oh yeah, forgot about that! The team name “Rip City Track Club” was floating around earlier in the year. Not sure if they have actually identified themselves under a different club yet.


Joe Novak AKA The Real Deal

1 Joe Novak Catholic Memorial 4:18.42
1 Joe Novak Catholic Memorial 1:56.74

Kid comes out for track and takes Classic Eights in an outstanding fashion. How much lower can he get as a sophomore? 4:15 is the time both Jennings and Solinsky ran as sophomores! Perkins was a different story.


After watching him race again last night, I think if things go right at state (weather, tactics, etc) for him he has sub 154/411/412 in him IMO. The weather was anything but great for fast racing last night. In the 1600, he ran very smart and sat in 3rd behind Woodford and Bierman until ~300m to go and then took the lead and I had him closing down his last 400 in 60.x. He did almost the exact same thing in the 800m and gradually pulled away down the finish. Looking for strong all the way while racing very intelligent. I’m a believer.


I’m not sure historically how many points it takes to win the Div. 2 Team State Championship in track but could Catholic Memorial do it with their 2 wonderful athletes? It’s not a guarantee but highly probable that they could score 40 points between them. I dont know what else Memorial has but it could be very interesting for them.


Ben Bierman ran 4:15 also I believe. What is Andrew Perkins doing with his life?


I thought I heard he was working for his dad in the auto restoration business but don’t take that as a hard fact yet. He was in last years Wisco Mile


Well Abbrederis, just about won it for Wautoma/Faith Christian back in his senior year he scored 28 points by himself, then the team got 7 more points to win it. So yeah they’d have a definite shot with getting the 40.


David Greenwood won the state championship for Park Falls (class C)back in the late 70’s as the only member of his team to go to state. I know he won 4 state title in the high jump. Played football at Madison, and then in USFL and Tampa Bay Bucs.


Joe Novak, dirtiest 800m racer east of the Mississippi. Just kidding…