Joe Bosshard, 6th year senior?


I was just checking out the indoor nationals qualifying lists and saw Joe Bosshard’s name on there for the 5k. I was positive that he should have graduated last year with his girlfriend of the same age, Emma Coburn. I was so confused at how he got another year of eligibility, unless I am mistaken he would be a 6th year senior at the end of this track season?


He might have gotten a medical redshirt. Don’t know if it’s true, but it’s a possiblity.


He graduated high school in 2008.

According to his bio on the CU website, his college career looks like this:

2008-09: redshirt listed for xc, redshirt listed for indoors, redshirt listed for outdoors
2009-10: ran xc, did not compete indoors, ran outdoors
2010-11: ran xc, ran indoors, ran outdoors
2011-12: ran xc, did not compete indoors, did not compete outdoors
2012-13: did not compete xc, did not compete indoors, did not compete outdoors

Lots of places to pick up a second redshirt there.


Well, maybe…

…but the whole redshirt paradigm has moved pretty far afield of the original intent, which I believe was to give an athlete flexibility to work around an injury, a family situation, study abroad, etc. Correct me if I’m wrong, but now it seems that it’s typically spent Freshman year getting bigger, stronger, piling on mileage, whatever… and then when an injury occurs down the road, a 2nd red-shirt year is granted. Becoming very commonplace.

I’d like to see the 2nd red-shirt reserved for the athletes who used their first one as intended. If you burn it on training, that’s fine… but it was your choice and you should live with the results.


The NCAA has strayed from it’s original intent? Say it ain’t so.


Hahahaha… and please forgive me for using the words “athlete” and “study” in the same sentence. :rolleyes: