Jersey Shore


Season two starts tomorrow night at 10! Who’s as excited as I am? From the looks of the commercials, it should be as good as the first season, if not better.


I like laughing at this show


That’s pretty much what I do. Last season had a lot of memorable quotes.


Listened in on satellite radio, two of the girls were on the air. They started talking about how anywhere outside of New Jersey the guys weren’t hot because they weren’t guido. “Guido was a lifestyle the rest of the world should adopt”.

Never watching. EVER.


I don’t understand the appeal of this show. Doesn’t laughing at the guidos get old after awhile?


no, it never does. I’m so excited for this season.


I’m hooked as well. I hope they have some new cast members. Like…a normal person.


Normal people in New Jersey? Error person not found.


Don’t have cable, but will be watching on the computer the day after. Soooo pumed. One of the greatest shows ever.


I’m rotating between Big Brother & Jersey Shore tomorrow. Both great shows.


It’s true…99.99% exceptionally awesome people, 0.01% guidos. No others.




Haha well they’re filming in Miami. It was so awesome to go to the beach and see them walking. They’re so orange it’s hilarious.


If you don’t understand the appeal of this show then you obviously haven’t watched it.


I watched for 15 minutes once, then had to turn it off. My brain felt completely numb for the rest of the day.




You gotta watch it from the beginning, starting with the first episode.


Being from New Jersey I can’t wait for the new season. These people are just straight up goofs. If you honestly believe that all people from NJ are like them then I feel bad for you seeing as only 1 cast member is actually from NJ. A little history lesson on the guido for everyone. Guidos originated from Long Island not NJ. They just migrated south a bit because of NJ being so freaking close to NYC and Long Island. The show cracks me up and I’ve run into the people from the show a few times while down in Seaside Heights. Just seeing them in real life is enough to make me crack up. They are pure entertainment.


brb GTL


Strong Island