Jerry Thompson Mile


looks to be a solid field at texas relays

Event 77 Men 1 Mile Run Jerry Thmpsn Invitational

 Name                        Year School                                

1 Barry, Will JR Texas A&M
2 Bor, Emmanuel SR Alabama
3 Bor, Julius SR Alabama
4 Campbell, Kemoy FR South Plains
5 Gowell, Chris Team Rogue Elite
6 Kivuva, Jackson NIKE
7 Manzano, Leonel NIKE
8 McGregor, Patrick JR Texas
9 Miller, Kyle NIKE
10 Ruiz, Alex NIKE
11 Samoei, Fred SR Alabama
12 Sang, Amos SR Abilene Chri
13 Solares, Pablo NIKE
14 Songok, Shadrack Unattached
15 Torrence, David NIKE


should be interesting to see what samoei can do in a mile

also i went to look up the meet site and found this:



You’ve clearly never been to the meet. There are probably more people at Texas Relays for the parties than to see the meet. It’s been that way for at least 20 years (probably longer - Texas people can give a better timeline).


nice find… “the relays” is a very big deal to the hip hop crowd, ifyaknawwhaisayin

also, I agree. there are a few lower tier guys on that list that can break 4…interesting to see how gowell, samoei, sang, solares, miller can do


Barry for the win. Haha.


how did he get in there?


Probably a combination of our coach lying and UT’s coach wanting to embarrass him.


This article says that Fernandez will be @ Texas too.


my standard response to any german report on him racing (and finishing): I will believe it when i see it.


From his bio…

Posted a best of 4:19.20 in the mile.

Not going to be pretty unless he has the race of his life


Ran a 4:10 indoors but that’s beside the point.

It was a joke, you idiot.


I know it was a joke, you idiot.


Not American obviously, but Jackson Kivuva should be highlighted. After all, he ran 1:43.72 last year outdoors and 1:46 this year indoors. I would not have expected him to be showing up to the Texas Relays mile(last 1500 in 2006, and how many pro Kenyans show up to college meets in Texas?), but this has the makings of a very interesting race.
EDIT: Also of note is Jamaican Kemoy Campbell who ran 3:42.57 as a 17 year old, but hasn’t done much since.


very true. Sorry I missed that. I just highlighted the names that would get people’s attention. Hopefully the weather will turn out nice on Saturday and we’ll see a hand full of sub4s

and btw( I know it’s not elite), the 3200’s are tonight. Lutz is on the list.

and congrats to your boys on the 4x8 chad


Hey guy you have been running great the past 1.5 yrs! But you need to get the taste of winning a race instead of always finishing 2nd or 3rd. Go for the win sometimes, if you lose who cares, as long as you try.:slight_smile: This is my standard response for you.:wink:


will barry be buried? i know there is some joke in the above replies but i could not track it down.


He’ll be fine. He won’t win the thing but he will run a fast time.


I feel like I’m ruining something by saying this outright instead of just sarcastically alluding to it, but usnspecialist aka maverick is not Maverick Darling.


Of course he isn’t. He’s a Mikel Thomas multi, just like all the other posters on TT.


Will Barry FTW!