Jayme Closs: Happy Ending Story


This had always been one of those things in the back of my mind this fall. So glad we have a happy ending as the story line definitely hit home for a lot of us. What a sigh of relief!

Hope to catch her name in the results!


Six miles east of the Barron Golden Bears are the Cameron Comets. I can’t imagine there are many high schools in Wisconsin with sub-300 enrollments that have nicer facilities than this.


Northland Pines (Eagle River) apparentlly has an indoor 200-meter track which I have always found interesting. I don’t think you can wear spikes on it, however.


Holy cow do they have an oil well on their property, or perhaps a rich benefactor. Is that turf? I don’t care for that shaped track however. It has square corners like the Marquette track at Quad Park.


I really dont know anything about anything on this topic but I know some of the northern communities are more intertwined with their local school districts. I assumed that of these northern schools many offered community access to their athletic facilities through co-op / membership like if it were an athletic club. If that were the structure perhaps the community health aspect is able to push agendas for better athletic fields and facilities?

Here is the Rhinelander version, for example:


For sure a great addition to the community for all to use. Do you have any feelings about the new proposed Madison Edgewood complex that the neighbors are fighting against. Maybe this should break a separate thread but I see pure selfishness in the attitude of those neighbors that are trying to act like there is a car racing track going in next to their neighborhood. Let the kids have a place to play, grown and stay out of other problems the could effect the neighborhood in a really negative way. I am for the new facility. If every city boughed to selfish neighbors that didn’t want anything upsetting their status quo nothing could be changed. In our city there were people living on the edge of town that didn’t want any new houses or development going up near them because it would block there view of the present countryside. This is pretty much the same thing. - Here’s hoping Edgewood gets their new facility.


This must be the background story for what you were describing?


yes that is it. I grew up in this exact area and think that Edgewood kids and parent definitely deserve this class facility as they have had to beg for years to use Madison School Districts facilities and are usually pushed to the back seat there. They have paid Middleton I believe for part of there artificial turf some years back to use Middleton’s stadium but I think the time has run out on that lease and I don’t know how many thousands they spent on essentially renting the use for probably 10 years or more. I certainly hope Madison sees fit to allow this facility to go forward.


Here you go, Coach – Edgewood toeing the line with the city!


Way to go Edgewood. I can’t believe the city won’t back you. I remember when I was kid growing up in that neighborhood that many of the Edgewood kids would sell candy bars to get the things the public school kids took for granted- band uniforms-athletic equipment etc.