Jaworski is an Open Enrollee


Per the NBIN WI thread Jaworski has listed her hometown as Athens, WI

What we are looking at above are four schools:

  • Athens Bluejays (Top-left)
  • Edgar Wildcats (Left-middle)
  • Stratford Tigers (Bottom-left)
  • Wausau West Warriors (Right)

I was unaware our state’s top star made arrangements to commute to the larger school. Measuring the distance from her discarded school to Wausau West it is 28.2 miles so there would be a considerable commute (14.1 < commute distance < 28.2). Also interesting is that Stratford is 15.9 miles away and Edgar only 13.2 which would essentially be passed by en route.


@zen this is one of the more interesting posts I have seen on here, as it touches on two of my favorite topics: open enrollment and small, rural schools. Let me start off by saying I am actually ok with open enrollment, and feel that people should send their kids where they want to send them, provided everything is on the up and up. I know very little about the academic reputations of any of these schools, nor do I know what kind of programs (music, art, theater, etc) are offered at any of the schools. I’m sure we will never know, but I wonder what factors, other than school size, drove the Jaworski’s to make their decision. In terms of success and tradition of the track program, I feel either Edgar or Stratford would have made more sense. West did win one state title in track in '95 with the two-woman wrecking crew of Brenda Felver and Amanda Lloyd, but that was when I was in HS…ancient history. There can be no complaints as it has certainly worked out well for Brooke, but the small-school fan inside of me would have loved to see her ripping it up for Stratford, Edgar, or the Athens Bluejays! In a way it would have been reminiscent of Meghan Rennhack putting up ridiculous times for Dodgeland in D3.


I might be way off base, but I have a vague memory from when she was in junior high that the family lived in Kronenwetter. That would mean she still open-enrolled since Kronenwetter feeds into D.C. Everest or Mosinee.


Any Brooke jaworski sightings? She is one of the few athletes who can open mid May and as long as she has been training she will still be the favorite. The Arcadia scratch is a little concerning. Thought maybe she would try an 800 at palatine just to see. Given she is good at so many events she clearly is recovering from something hopefully we get a chance to see her perform before the season ends.


She was present at the WVC indoor meet last Tuesday but did not compete.


Yes and from her interviews she loves the team aspect of both cross and track. She would be competing for her team in relays or whatever if she could. Her interviews have always impressed me


Casimir Panawash-Beilinski interviews Brooke Jaworski for 48 minutes below:


It isn’t an open 800 but check out the Wausau West 4x800 entry for today’s meet in DePere!


I will be in attendance and will do my best to get a split.

She is also listed in the 1600 as well.


Super intriguing! I hope it’s a go!


She is a great competitor but I don’t think times will be relevant as this is likely just a workout for her. She has been battling muscle injuries all season according to that interview. Sounds like she is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel but if she hasn’t been running much I wouldn’t expect these efforts to be anything more than just a strength workout and avoiding irritating her sprinting muscles at this point