Jamaican Olympic Trials



No surprises yesterday. All favorites moving on
comfortably. Apparently it was hot and muggy.

In the Jamaican 4x4 theme, in the 400 heats you will
find Errol Nolan (Houston) and Akheem Gauntlett (Arkansas)
who have run 45.13 and 45.28 this year (bests for both). Certainly
could change the make up of their individual team as well
as their relay. Gonzales has yet to really hit stride this
year, hopefully this weekend is where he does it. Nolan and
Gauntlett must have some kind of dual citizenship as IAAF.org
lists them as Americans. Plastic Jamaicans fleeing the rigors
of our Trials? :smiley:

Just kidding, I remember looking one of them up and he was

Nolan, Gauntlett, Gonzales and Bolt?

Cuba ran 3:00.43 earlier this month and Trinidad and Tobago
threw their hat in the ring with a 3:00.45 featuring Quow and Lendore.
Bahamas have a very nice team again with Pinder (44.77), Mathieu (45.06), Ramon Miller (44.87) and evergreen Chris Brown.

Speaking of which (400 stuff that is) Merritt made a bold claim when he said
the US would sweep. I imagine James, Kevin Borlee (44.56), Leguelin Santos (44.45), and Pinder will want to talk about that.


A managable field of two for the 10ooom on Sunday. I’m inclined to think it will be… hot and muggy. I do not remember anthing over 1500m in the past.


Danny McFarlane still running 50.xx in the prelims!!

Dude’s gotta be like 50 years old at this point. Will he dip under 50.00?!


Danny McFarlane is recently 40, having been born 6/14/1972. On 5/5 of this year he ran 49.99 in Kingston. He already is the Masters 35 year old record holder @ 48.13 when he was 37.

According to this: http://www.world-masters-athletics.org/records/outdoor-men

He now is the 40 year old record holder too based on this run of 50.96. Let’s hope he can improve his run from May.


I’m rooting for him!


As a 40+ individual, me too.


Semi 1 (+1.5)

Powell 9.92, Carter 9.95, Blake 9.96, Bailey Cole 10.06

Semi 2 (+1.0)

Bolt 10.01, Frater 10.02, Clarke 10.07, Harvey 10.08


Men’s Final (+1.1)

Blake 9.75 (4th fastest man ever)
Bolt 9.86
Powell 9.88
Frater 9.94

Women’s Final (+0.6)

Fraser Pryce 10.70 (4th fastest woman ever)
Campbell Brown 10.82
Stewart 10.94
Simpson 11.01

… And the Jamaican 100 finals don’t disappoint …


Any video of the race Kingcoe? Crazy that Blake beat Bolt, I’d like to know exactly how it played out.


Women: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwDGKag5eiE&feature=g-all-u

Men: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0K7w_3K_x8&feature=g-all-lik


Looks like Bolt had a dookie of a start and closed like a train, but Blake had what looked to be a decent start/drive and a very good last 30m.


Thanks Bison.

Wow, bad start for Bolt made to look all the worse
by Powell. Blake its a little tougher to tell from the angle - clearly he
untracked waaaay better than Bolt. It’s just like Gay showed, put the pressure
on Bolt and hope to God he tightens up.

9.75, The Beast indeed. Bolt needs to re-find his start.

Well done to all.


A lot of times a good first 30 sets up a good last 30 in the 100. Bolt’s heel recovery on those first two steps were horrid and set him up poorly for the rest of the race.


Sorry, not being a coach or a person who has read technical stuff …
“heel recovery”?


Bolt 9.86, Powell 9.88

Reminds me of:


Lewis 9.86, Burrell 9.88


Heel recovery refers to how high your foot comes off the ground after each step toes off. A good example is Powell, who literally drags his toe on the ground in his first step. Essentially if your heel recovery is good, it puts your hips in the best position possible to apply force back against the ground during your drive phase and best develop momentum.

If you look at Bolt’s first step out of the blocks, he steps over way too high, and from there it snowballs

I hope that all makes sense.


I’m not going to pretend to be educated on the technicalities of sprinting, so I’ll take your word on all this. But I think it’s agreed upon that Bolt’s poor start is the reason he didn’t perform to Bolt-esque standards.


Yes, that does. Thank you for the reply and the succinct, thoughtful and easily
understood reply.

Clearly your TrackTalk membership will need to be revoked. :smiley:


Did Nesta Carter run at all? Saw nothing from him in the trials looking over it quickly.


I wonder what order they’re going to run those guys in the 4x1. That’s a phenomenal quartet. I don’t think anyone can touch them if they have their handoffs down.