It started in the late 40’s when the island had…

George Rhoden Morgan State
Les Laing Fresno State
Herb McKenley Illinois
Arthur Wint all 6-5 of him (have read 6-4 to 6-6) guy was tall.

That group would win a trunk load of Olympics medals from the 100 to the 800. In 1952 that gang broke the WR in the 4x4 with McKenley running the first ever sub 45.00 split with his 44.6. One season Rhoden, McKenley & Wint were the top three ranked 400m sprinters in the word. McKenley is still the only sprinter to run the Olympic finals in the 100-200-400.

In the late 50’s Dennis Johnson Bakersfield JC/ San Jose State was running a world record 9.3.

In the 60’s/70’s they had Lennox Miller and Don Quarrie both USC Trojans. They would both win a couple Olympic medals a piece.

Trinidad had it’s jets also in that time period I mentioned above…

E.Mcdonald Bailey
George Lewis
Mike Agostini Fresno State (white sprinter)
Edwin Roberts NCC

…all among the best in the world. Lewis a 100m WR holder, all but him running in Olympic finals. Bailey and Roberts medaling.

Between back then and 2000


Hasley Crawford…Eastern Michigan
Ato Boldon…SJCC/UCLA
Wendell Mottley…Yale


Bert Cameron…UTEP
Ray Stewart…TCU
Mike Fray…UTEP
Percival Spencer…TCU (on that NCAA 4x1 record team)

Ben Johnson, Linford Christie & Donovan Bailey were all born in Jamaica.

Since 2000 those island have expoded as far as sprinters goes.


Marc Burns…Auburn
Aaron Armstrong…Barton/Florida
Richard Thompson…LSU
Keston Bledman


Michael Frater…TCU
Steve Mullings…Barton/Miss St
Asafa Powell
Nesta Carter
Nikel Ashmeade
Usian Bolt
Yohan Blake

Soooooo much speed, from small populations. Then there’s the brothers…

Mal and Mel Spence Jamaica ASU 400m guys
Asafa and Donovan Powell Jamaica
Ainsley and Aaron Armstrong father and son Trinidad
Michael and Lindel Frater Jamaica
Steve and Dwight Mullings Jamaica, Dwight a 400m guy.

But at no time have both islands been as potenially potent as they are right now. Very realistic to think…

Jamaica wins the 100 200 and the 4x1 in WR time.
Trinidad medals in the 4x1, has two sprinters in the 100m final. The 100m final could have 5 lanes with those isanders in them. The Jamaicans could sweep the 100. Take 1-2 in the 200m.

If we ran the All Time born in Jamaica 100m it would be stunning.


1.Ben Johnson…WR/Olympic gold
2.Linford Christie…Olympic gold
3.Asafa Powell…king of the sub10.00
4.Usain Bolt…has won it all. WR holder
5.Donovan Bailey…WR/Olympic gold
6.Yohan Blake…World Champion
7.Don Quarrie…silver medalist
8.Lennox Miller…silver & bronze medalist

With 9.7 guy Nesta Carter watching, whoa!!!

The All Time Trinidad 100m


1.E.McDonal Bailey…Olympic medalist
2.Mike Agostini…Olympic finalist
3.Richard Thompson…Olympic medalist
4.Hasley Crawford…Olympic gold medal
5.Ato Boldon…Olympic medalist
6.George Lewis…WR 100m
7.Keston Bedman…9.85
8.Edwin Roberts…9.2 (Oly 200m medalist)

Only the mighty 300 mill plus USA compares to all that above. As we know a lot of the Jamaicans are staying home now as opposed to when they were always off to some school in the USA. We can’t argue with how that is going.

Then we had the female sprinters.