Jaguar wins first marathon in Texas


white rock marathon 2;42 -last minute idea turns fruitful



Awesome job, Jag! So happy for you, especially after all you’ve been through!


Bravo, Jag! Great job!!!


LOL! You rock Jag!



Gosh, only 4 minutes off you PR…and you’ve only been runnign , like, since yesterday!!!

You are fit…to get fitter. Take it one step…and if you get a little bitty of a sniffle…go easy…lol!


Yep, it was just a few months I took my first walk… then a 5 min. run… and then 120+ mpw! Lots of work to do now for 13 months, mind and body willing and able (fingers crossed!). Thanks for the support! That first article got me teary eyed! There’s a video too:


Ha! Nice job slipping in the shout-out to the sponsors, Jag!


So, Jag . . . what’s it gonna take to get you to Hospital Hill on June 4? We’re still working on prize money but talk to me. I want to make it happen if you want to come.


Ohhhh, that would be ‘awesome’!!! Man, I’d love to re-tackle those hills, since getting a few more years of hill training.


Woo-Hoo!! Good work Jag. I think that maybe (big MAYBE) if I work really hard all winter I can maybe run one exactly one minute per mile slower than you.

Well, we all need goals. I think yours should involve London.


Mark Curp and I are the elite athlete coordinators. Contact me by PM and let’s talk.

We’re planning on going to a corral this year for the first time for the elites and the very top local and regional runners. Last year we had about 7,500, so it’s about tripled in size since you were last here. 10,000 is not out of the question this year.


Great photos:


Swell pics. Terrific form.

But folks, I think we need to take up a collection to get Jag some tanning booth time or a few weeks in Mazatlan. ( . . . although being a Norwegian in Seattle, this is a bit like the chalk calling the snow pale). :wink:


Funny you mention that… I had 2 people this weekend ask me if I’d been skiing cause my face is beet red with cat eyes from my sunglasses! I train around lunch and 5-6pm usually, face exposed but lots of layers on to “heat train”. Those layers don’t come off until race day. I will have to consider “tanning”, by way of lotion! :slight_smile:


I think it has something to do with the bright sunny day and the white running kit – it slightly pales things out.

(The lovely Mrs Spider has a little bit of pigment courtesy of Chinese ancestors, but after a Seattle winter I am clearly the family whitefish.)

I lost track, but does this give you a Trials qualifier, or is it too early in the four-year cycle? Have they decided where the Trials will be this time?


Spidey she had the Q before going into the repair shop.


Swell news on the Q ( . . . there, I’m trying to be one of the cool folks and non-chalantly refer to it as “the Q”). When and where are the Trials this time?


OG Marothon trials is in Texas too!! 399 days to go!!!
Jag is in NC getting set to run Club Nats XC-6km over hill and dale. Sounds like a patti recovery tactic to me!!

other info-

2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Marathon
Houston, Texas - January 14, 2012
Olympic Hopefuls to Test Drive 2012 Olympic Trials Marathon Course in Houston
The Houston Marathon Committee, in conjunction with presenting sponsor Aramco Services Company, has announced that the country’s best distance runners and Olympic hopefuls will compete at the 2011 USA Half Marathon Championships on Saturday, January 29, 2011, one day prior to the 39th Chevron Houston Marathon. The championships will give athletes a chance to preview the course for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Marathon, which will be held on January 14, 2012.


And Burmingham today gives her 3 in 10 weeks plus a very solid XC race just to mix it up a bit.


And it looks like she’s got another feather for her cap…based on Facebook posts to her, she’s won Napa Valley this AM. No time yet.

confirmed - w time here: