Jager American Record!


I just watched Evan Jager run 8:06 to break Dan Lincoln’s AR of 8:08. He placed third in a field loaded with Kenyans and dropped his PR down from 8:17. Incredible race, but not totally unexpected. He’s always been a big-time performer when the lights went on. Really cool. Vids will be out there. Look on LetsRun or search Monaco steeplechase.



Gotta say that was an amazingly well run race by him. Fairly even, moved up the whole race.


How many other non-Kenyans are under 8:10 right now?

He may be very close to a medal.


He’s 8th fastest time this year, and 5th fastest non-African all time. It’s just all about how he races


And remember at the Olmpics is often more how you close because they often become tactical races slower than record times but crazy fast at the end! I think he has an outside shot!


Recap on letsrun. www.letsrun.com/2012/jager-full-0720.php

According to them, Jager’s 1K splits were about 2:45, 2:41, 2:41.

Guessing the woman in the “Jager is my Homeboy” picture is his mother (and I think that picture is from the trials).


In hindsight, the 3200 at the 2007 state meet looks way more epic because of how bright Jager and Derrick’s future are.


Might be a better one somewhere. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dI1_QpRuEsY&feature=g-upl


I thought I saw somewhere that he’s the 4th fastest of those running the steeple at the Olympics.


I believe that’s true, because only 3 from Kenya can run =)


true, but one of those guys behind him is kemboi who is a multiple time world champion and olympic medalist, including absolutely demolishing the field in daegu last year.