Jackson State/Foreign Sprinters


Always good to see one of the HBCU athletes place in an NCAA Championships. Jackson States Anasoa Jobodwana taking second in the 200m…cool. He’s from South Africa and the best sprinter Jackson State has ever had. Which got me thinking about US schools where their best all time sprinter was from another country.

I came up with this…(more about alumni)

Oregon…Harry Jerome Canada
Fresno State…Mike Agostini Trinidad
Azusa Pacific…Davidson Ezinwa Nigeria
LA State…Stanley Allotey Ghana
USC…Don Quarrie/Lennox Miller Jamaica
Westmont…Jean Louis Ravelomatasoa Madagascar
UCLA…Ato Boldon Trinidad
TCU…Ray Stewart Jamaica/Kim Collins St.Kitts
UTEP…Oba Thompson Barbados
Dickinson…Derrick Atkins Bahamas
NCC…Edwin Roberts Trinidad
BYU…Frankie Fredericks Namibia
Idaho…Patrick Williams Jamaica
LSU…Richard Thompson Trinidad
Eastern Michigan…Hasley Crawford Trinidad
Illinois…Herb McKenley Jamaica
Mississippi State…Steve Mullings Jamaica (hmmmm?)

We really don’t see too many foreign sprinters at those HBCU schools. Which is a bit surprising,

Atlee Mahorn from Canada holds the 100m school record at Cal, but I really can’t put him above the great Hal Davis or Olympian Eddie Hart.

Chidi Imoh at Missouri was one of the first great African sprinters at a US school (10.00) but Olympian Jackson Sholtz accomplished more.

Now who did I miss?

Getting back to Jackson State…

They did have a couple fast 60 guys once upon a time in Earl Thomas and Tommie Dennis, long jumper Dennis Trott was a decent sprinter also. Morris Jackson was a 10.17 guy but never really did anything else.

Once upon a time sprinters from HBCU schools were all over our Olympics teams, long ago however.


HBCU- Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Maybe they don’t outreach to foreigners as much as other schools?


Do you count Makusha as Fla. State’s top sprinter? He does not have many marks, but his 9.89 at nationals counts for a whole lot.


I think Dix claims that title.


Good point. One of my many temporary brain lapses. I knew there was someone obvious but did not feel like navigating to their website.


That appears to be the case.

If we ran a fantasy all time HBCU 100m


1.George Anderson Southern U/top ranked 100 man in the world 1965
2.Tim Montgomery Norfolk St/hmmmm?
3.Robert Taylor Texas Southern/72 Olympic silver
4.Bob Hayes FAMU/64 Olympic gold
5.Jimmy Hines Texas Southern/68 Olympic gold
6.Rey Robinson FAMU/WR 9.9, 76 Olympian
7.Willie McGee Alcorn/WR 9.1
8.Oliver Ford Southern U/WR 10.0

The first National Caliber HBCU speedster was Tuskegees Mozelle Ellerbe in the late 30’s.


For years FSU was very weak as far as quality sprinters went. A case could be made that 9.2 man Don Merrick was their top man. Now he wouldn’t even make their fantasy 4x1 team, that would be …

Kemar Hyman
Maurice Mitchell
Walter Dix

Now they have Marvin Bracy.

Deion Sanders could have been a good college sprinter if track had been his thing. He was a 10.26 guy anyway.

While here…

Let me add.

Lubbock…Daneil Effiong Nigeria


Not to make another sprint thread.

What a shame San Jose State dropped their track program. There still has been no school rival what the Spartans did in sprinting between the late 50’s and early 70’s. No less than six world record holders (from the 100-400).

So who were those that made up “Speed City”.

Jimmy Omegemi 9.4/Nigeria
Ray Norton 9.3WR
Bobby Poynter 9.4
Dennis Johnson 9.3WR Jamaica
Willie Williams 9.4
Wayne Herman 9.4
Tommie Smith 9.3/10.1/19.8WR/44.5WR
Lee Evans WR 400m
Bill Gaines 9.3 (he ran for the SCVYV)

Ronnie Ray Smith 9.9WR
Kirk Clayton 9.3
Sam Davis 10.1
John Carlos 9.1WR

Those last 4 an NCAA 4x1 winner.

lesser degree…Tim Knowles, Bob Talmadge, Ben Griffen, Frank Slaton.

Came a little later…

Vince Breddell 9.4
Ken Thomas 10.0
Ron Whitaker 10.0

San Jose City College did have Olympians Millard Hampton and Ato Boldon.