Its been 5 years since dyestat went down


give or take a few days


Admin opened this site 4/9/10 and by the 4th day we had over 100 members by early June membership over 500 . Then doubled in size by The Ides of July.


Ha. Ya. I remember for the first few months this site was almost as active as dyestat had been.


Then they banned everyone


stfu skurey


your prediction for how much longer TT will be around…?


tt better be around for awhile.


Good times.


I almost met tb1223 once.


This makes me wonder how many Dyestaters and TTers I have unknowingly encountered in the past few years.
I’ve definitely competed against a few in high school and college. I’ve probably walked by at least one in NYC. I may even have taken a dump in the stall next to one in a public bathroom.
The mind boggles at such possibilities.

Edit: Also, I work in Suffern. We should hit up the Route 59 diner at some point.


Yeah, sorry I bailed that time. At the time it seemed like it would happen again soon.


Best person I’ve met on this site that I didn’t originally know…


I remember getting this PM for him:

10-09-2013, 06:23 PM

Comrade xnr7

Myself and my order are making the arduous journey to your lands of New York to join the rally of forces battling for victory. As your order is to be attending as well, I would be honored to address one of my most esteemed allies in the realms of physicality. We may convene in the same war encampment yet.

Prophet, Harbinger, Comrade


and then after I finished setting up how I’d recognize him…

10-09-2013, 07:42 PM

Then I seal these proceedings with drawn blood - The Saturday of Reckoning will be a day recorded in the tomes of history.

I’m not gonna say he was as weird as the character he posted as, but he was still a strange dude. Incredibly nice guy. wokthatway was there that day.

Damn, now I wish YamaTsukami still posted… :frowning:


met skurrey when he came to Tuscaloosa - even invited him to join us for Thanksgiving dinner. He very respectfully declined - it is just as well as we Auburn folk take that time of year very seriously and crimson eyed folks just don’t see eye to eye with us then…:slight_smile:

Tried and will try again to meet CoachBolton at one of his BBQ events! My mind and belly are both looking forward to that!


I knew donpepe in person before I knew he posted here. I raced hoegher once (and lost). There was always vague talk of an Illinois/Wisco DIII meetup at a meet but that never happened (or I never went to it).


And all that’s left is being told you are poor, slow, and dumb on Letsrun.


I could tell you that here and save you effort of loggin in over there…

just tryin’ to be helpful! :smiley:


Birthday week has rolled around again.


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Admin opened this site 4/9/10 and by the 4th day we had over 100 members by early June membership over 500 . Then doubled in size by The Ides of July.


And we are grateful he did…and folks came along too!


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