Isn't there supposed to be a front page by now


With coverage and such?


don’t worry, there are secret plans being formulated on the boards posters can’t see






That’s weak if it’s just the current events page. I thought zen miler was going to make this good.


I was actually just poking fun at chrisdiaz16’s hatred of the current events section. He used to suggest every day that we get rid of it because it’s worthless lol.



I really would like to know.

Now that XC season is upon us, I’m beginning to realize how nice and convenient it was to have the coverage page on dyestat. I’m feeling out of the loop. It would be nice to know what Admin’s plans are for this site to move forward and increase in popularity and content.


Questioning mods? That’s a ban you know.


I live life on the edge.




Who cares about HSXC. It’s all about college.


Who cares about college. It’s all about pro.


who cares about pro, its all about intergalactic


In all seriousness, there is something here. With the demise of Trackshark, there is kind of a void of coverage for collegiate track and XC. TT might be better served trying to fill this void on its front page, and it would probably be easier due to fewer meets (covering even 20 state meets is a task). Additionally, the population of posters willing to contribute college aged, so covering their own level would be easier. The forums could remain the same with the HS discussion and such, but as far as the front page goes, covering college might be easier what with limited resources and ESPNRISE already doing HS.




i posted a thread about how everyone should post a recap of whatever meet they go to but it got no replies lol fml


Be careful, I got banned for 3 days this afternoon using less colorful language than you just did.


bump, lets us know mayn!


:eek: 2


Your points may be valid but you’re not going to move anyone with the manner in which you deliver them. If you think that by calling people names you’re doing the place a service because you’ll wake someone up, you’re wrong. I think James showed a lot of patience in not banning you (and I have never banned anyone, so I am not quick on the draw).

If this site is going to offer content, it needs to be carefully planned and executed and that will take time to happen. Much more than I sense you want to wait. It’s not a matter of sticking a page on the front of the forums and getting some posters to write stuff. Any thought that at this point there would be a front page with real and changing content was unrealistic. That would have been difficult even if there was some money around.

First the decision has to be made to add content or not (I know it’s been said that there will be a news page, but the go/no-go decision needs to be made with a realization in mind of what it will really take). If that decision is yes, they it needs to be planned and executed. Again, it would take time.