Is the DEW Line in the wrong place?


Pentagon can’t explain apparent mystery rocket off California coast updated 2 hours, 27 minutes ago

The Pentagon is unable to explain images of what appears to be a high-altitude rocket or missile launched off the coast of southern California at sunset Monday, officials said.

Response to the Prop 19 failure?
Seriously how much do we still spent on missle detection systems.
A lot more than they spent on Uncle Bert back in the 1950s, I`ll bet.



Dude. What, are you making fun of my fair state again?

There are other agencies besides le Pentagon, as you know:

NASA, CIA, NSA, Coast Guard, CONTROL, KAOS, etc. Who knows, maybe the INS/Border Patrol has an SLBM designed to deport people. Maybe we just broke a treaty big time and don’t want to fess up about it. Maybe somebody like Sargeant Stimpy at Vandenberg AFB pushed the big shiny red button he couldn’t resist pushing any more and it’s actually WWIII and we didn’t even know it. Maybe the guys at CalTech just, you know, did the best prank in the history of Pi Delta Chi: mentos-in-soda as rocket fuel. Maybe one of our friends – like SoKo (as opposed to NoKo) – wanted to test a missile far enough away from NoKo so as to not offend anybody. Maybe Mel Gibson actually went ballistic for real. Maybe the filming of “Evel Kneival: A life” went horribly, horribly wrong, as per script. Maybe the safeties were accidentally left off at Knotts Berry Farm.

The whole rest of US gov’t haven’t been asked, and they’re not likely to tell, or if they tell, how can you tell they’re telling the TRUTH (as trackdaddy used to put it)?