Is senior year in h/s too late?


So as a runner and a junior in high school, i’m looking into colleges and what my chances would be to run at some of them. I’ve run 16:15 for a 3mile xc course, and 16:33 for Mt. Sac. Ive dropped 20 seconds in the mile this season and am currently at 4:37, and if it wasn’t for a small injury that sidelined me for 2 weeks, my coach claims i could have broken 4:30. I also have pretty good grades with a weighted 3.8 and a 2000 SAT. With breaking 16 minutes in cross country and breaking 4:30 in the mile being very achievable goals for my senior seasons, i am wondering if running these times my senior year is too late. I am not going to be recruited, so how should i go about trying to make a college team if track season falls after i submit college apps? Should I be contacting coaches in the near future? If so, what should i say and how should i explain my situation?

Thanks, any input is appreciated.


If you are going to try and walk on, just apply and get in touch with the coaches as your season progresses. Apply to the schools you want to go to regardless or whether you are fast enough to make their team or not and then update them as you go to see if you can try and walk-on in the fall…as a former walk-on myself I would advise you to select the school based on the other criteria that goes into selecting a college first and then using running as a secondary criteria (i.e deciding between a school you can run at v.s cannot)


Another piece of advice, look towards Division 3 schools. Your times as they stand would be good enough to run at most D3 schools


Go D3, there are a lot of great schools academically that would also have a running program strong enough that you would contribute to the team but wouldnt be the top guy. I pretty much had the same credentials as you last year so i know what youre going through. email coaches tell them your times and your grades tell them your interested in visiting and see if they email back. wait until after july 1st though. i emailed the nyu coach with a 3.7 gap 2020 SAT and 2:05-4:41. he emailed me back and thats where im headed next year. as for senior year being to late, maybe for recruiting, but its never too late to run fast. ive run 4:33 and 2:00 this year and the nyu coach is thrilled he took a chance on me and got me into the school


Thanks guys for all your input.

^as for emailing coaches, why after july 1st? And when emailing coaches, you just tell them your grades and times and let them know you’re interested?


I’m pretty sure they aren’t allowed to contact or communicate with athletes before July 1st going into senior year. Doing so violates NCAA recruiting regulations.


email is fine as long as the athlete initiates it


Also, don’t overlook the NAIA.