Is nobody even


Remotely excited that Lil Wayne has been released from jail? Anyone? Beuller…Beuller?


He sucks.




I wanted to be an asshole and post something hateful in response to this, but I just can’t do that to you. I enjoy your posts too much.


Haha I’m just messing around man I really don’t care at all. Guy released music while he was in jail. I’m not the biggest fan of Wayne but he has some legit ass songs.


if he would actually concentrate on something instead of releasing a new mixtape every 2 hours he could really be one of the best. he shows flashes of brilliance (the carter II? ****ing amazing) but he just seems to have an attention span of about 3 seconds




He was in jail?


I’ve heard ghost rider? Explanation anyone?


glad he’s out


what? hes just prolific.

im mildly excited. ill be more excited when more of the stuff he recorded before he went in gets released.


it’s not like this changes anything, in the same way that putting him in jail didn’t change anything.

but i agree with what’s been said; from lil wayne, i’d rather see the quality than the quantity that he’s been throwing at us.


he records all the time. the albums are going to still be high quality, he just releases as many mixtapes as he does because he has so much material already laid down.


My emotions neither went up or down. He’s pretty overrated imo but not being in jail is always a good thing I suppose. I like a milli via super mash bros…


Consider me a Lil Wayne hater.


Kid Cudi’s new album?


weezy gets out and wiz goes in


the CD has a booby in it.


I hate to say it but I heard it was horrible.

Consider us friends



It’s trippier stuff than you’d expect for someone considered a rapper.

I really like this one though.