Is Chapman sub-4:10/sub-8:50 material?


He is the current leader in the 3200 which is not the easiest task in Wisconsin! With marks of 4:17.60/8:58.85 to his name already and a fifth place finish at NBN where he beat Meinke it is indeed a fair question to whether he can become a national elite.

What do you think?


I think the 4 guys who beat him at new balance can run sub 8:52 at Arcadia so why not him even though it’s a surprise since he is such a new national elite. Sub 4:12 is for sure assuming he doesn’t have great speed similar to Finn. Assuming he has a decent motor and reasonable 800 capacity a sub 4:10 for sure. Given his cross season was just ok it’s amazing he has improved so much already but it also should motivate him to keep going strong. Mielke ran a nice mile the other day but class b there is really no one that is likely to push him so state may be tough to run fast times.


I am convinced Elijah Devries has a special, long lost bond with Henry Chapman. Like Elliott and E.T. special. I wonder if Elijah misses Henry so much that Devries will run similar times to Chapman to further my confusion between the two?


Is there a historical comp for Chapman? There would likely be hundreds coming out of cross, but the 8:58 then narrows it down just a bit.


I suppose Easker would be it. He was 4:19.22/9:17.19 as a junior while Chapman was 4:16.80y/9:22.28

Easker: 9:17.19 to 8:59.9h
Chapman: 9:22.28 to 8:58.85y

Both are D2 and both ran close to 9-flat indoors. I dont think Chapman will better that time.



Chapman had some turmoil his junior year with the mid-academic year move – wasn’t the story that his family’s house burned down? We’ll never know how much it impacted his natural progression.

The mental cloud from something like that, I can’t even imagine.


@Biff I had given that some thought. Chapman has always had talent but he has really upped his game since the transfer to ET. I wonder if, with the problems he has gone through in his personal life, running hasn’t become a kind of outlet for him, or a safe space, or jut something fun to keep his mind off the troubles. Perhaps he has gotten more into running as a result of the negatives in his life. If that is the case it shows some real mental fortitude and bravery.


The reason it’s hard to comp Chapman is his sequential improvement more so than his year over year improvement. He was just ok in cross country just a few months ago. Yes he won state but the individual competition in class b was historically weak with 12 of the top 13 guys the year before graduating. He did not perform well when he raced the large schools and didn’t do anything that spectacular in the after season meets. To just a few months later become a national elite as a senior during a terrible Wisconsin winter is surprising. I’m going to guess despite winning state in cross that he was battling some minor injury or sickness during cross country that his talent allowed him to push through and win state but not truly show how good he could be


To echo sentiments of @AnakinFavre’s speculation I am wondering if mentally he was transitioning to the new environment setting before rediscovering his chi as Gabe Jennings would have put it.

If you put yourself in Henry Chapman’s shoes, you’re 17-18, had to leave the place you grew up behind and your entire life was forced to change. Post-house fire victimology might also suggest feeling demoralized, displaced, etc. which can all be amplified for a typical teenager.

While 49th at Footlocker MW and 15:59 at the Ridges for a state title is nothing to sneeze at perhaps in context this was a duct tape season for him. Yes, he put it together but was still in fact processing all the external factors of being in a new school and essentially a new life.


Place Bib Name Yr Hometown Time Pace
2 1 Drew Bosley 12 THIENSVILLE WI 16:09.2 5:12
8 360 David Vannucchi 12 ONALASKA WI 16:18.2 5:15
15 100 Rowen Ellenberg 12 SHERWOOD WI 16:35.9 5:21
16 437 Matthew Meinke 12 NEENAH WI 16:36.9 5:21
20 298 Adam Rzentkowski 12 ROSHOLT WI 16:42.9 5:23
34 97 Caleb Easton 12 MIDDLETON WI 16:57.0 5:28
39 653 Tyler Kisting 12 SOUTH MILWAUKEE WI 16:59.6 5:29
46 606 Ben Schnoor 11 GERMANTOWN WI 17:10.8 5:32
49 66 Henry Chapman 12 EAST TROY WI 17:12.3 5:33

I would imagine after Footlocker he was unsatisfied, underwent a mature self-assessment and set some concrete goals of how to go from being a state elite to a national caliber athlete. I’d imagine just as Adam Rzentkowski’s runner profile renders that he outran a Footlocker Qualifier during the season showing his potential that the college recruitment process attained a new level for Henry given his recent success and that he rightfully deserves. Just hope he hasn’t gone too soon so to speak and can recharge to repeat these things again in June!


Not every story is so fruity. He could have moved to escape the powerhouses of D1… Rumor has it he doesn’t go to East Troy and is homeschooled in the district.


An interesting revelation if true…


Wise he is skipping palatine. A little rest will do him good. He can be remembered for a very long time if he can run well at state although the class b competition is less than to be desired currently