Is anyone really knowledgeable with tvs?


I need [want] to buy a tv semi soon.

I am in no way a videophile, obviously I wouldn’t want some grainy tube tv, but having 1080i is not a necessity to me. 720p is honestly probably what would be best for me. I don’t even have cable right now, my main use would be using it to play movies when people are over so we don’t have to use my monitor. I’m thinking 32-42 inches.

I guess my main question is, are there brands to avoid if I am not too worried about image quality? I’m mostly worried about going with an off brand and it bricks itself in 8 months.

edit- how decent would this be?


From my understanding VIZIO is one of the best “bang for buck” because they don’t pay for all the advertising that other places do which allows them to sell for cheaper. I have a VIZIO and absolutely love it.

I’m nowhere near a tv guru.


qfe…vizio all day errrryday


Insignia tv’s are pretty cheap and i am happy with mine.


32" is good for a room. But if you have the money I’d get at least a 37".

Source: I have a 32 incher. :wink:

Also my friend got a name brand TV, can’t remember the brand, but it died a lot earlier than my roommate’s who had a cheaper TV. Like a lot sooner than a TV should die.


Yeah, QFE.

I once bought this microwave (I forget the brand). But like, it died on me after about 2 years. So, I bought a new one from this other company, and it had a warranty. I like puppies.


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Don’t get plasma. Images burn into the TV, more money (generally), uses too much power.

I really regret letting my roommate walk over us. We got a 60 inch plasma cause he “had to have it.” Thing really isn’t worth it, funny thing is I probably use it the most out of our house


i have a Vizio. Love it

Insignia and Westinghouse are also both well priced and I’ve heard good thangs


Vizio is generally the most cost effective but if you’re willing to pay a bit more, Samsung has the highest quality.


and has a reputation for problems with the sound. Samsung does very well for the price.


My mom has a 50" Samsung and the thing is amazing. My neighbor has a slightly smaller Samsung and it is awesome too. Me and my brother have two Samsung tube tvs that have basically worked forever. That’s all I know about tvs.


Don’t buy a Vizio/Insignia/other similar brand. Spend the extra few bucks on something nice - I’ve used 4 different models/makes/sizes of Samsung TVs over the last few years and all have been lovely. I personally bought a plasma last year, I think the problems TeamOrange brought up are a bit overstated. The power consumption thing might not be (never really paid attention, electricity is free), but burn-in won’t happen outside of the first hundred hours unless you leave it on a channel with a running ticker (MSNBC/ESPN) too long. And even then, my TV had a built-in screensaver to get rid of anything that might get stuck.

And once you get it, don’t watch it on its showroom/factory presets. Get a calibration disc, make it look a little less like a neon sign. (I got Terminator 2, any THX certified disc’ll do. Or just head over here, tons of information about whatever TV you get.) Definitely turn down the backlight, especially at night. It’ll last longer.


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