Introducing 'Jack Sparrow' ft. Michael Bolton, by the Lonely Island



This picture pretty much sums it up.


Watching this led me to listen to this:



Watching that led me to listen to this:



Mad props to Michael Bolton. I really enjoyed this.


The other night I listened to Disney songs for like an hour straight. Yeah it was pretty pathetic.


I like watching the SNL version better (i.e hearing the audience laugh, makes it slightly more enjoyable). Also, full screen is a must.

This is probably one of their best videos yet. I loved watching Bolton’s parts. Newfound respect for him.


Turns out Michael Bolton is a major cinephile. I hope it grows on me. Right now it’s still behind On a Boat, Jizz in my Pants, and Just had Sex


What about Like a Boss?


Bring back AKON


order for me:

im on a boat
i just had sex
jack sparrow
dick in a box


No love for Motherlover or Boombox?


My list (after a few more viewings):

  1. Jack Sparrow
  2. Jizz in my Pants
  3. I just had sex
  4. Like a Boss
  5. Dick in a Box
  6. I’m on a boat (didn’t care for this one as much, might be due though to the fact that for six months continuously people kept shouting “I’m on a boat”
  7. Mother Lover

[list may be subject to change]


lol awesome



Michael Bolton is amazing on this one. I would put this in my top 3. Maybe with time it will fall but this was awesome.