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f*ck you michael johnson.


I used to have plenty of insomnia but now I drop like a log. I ascribe the change to the introspection I’ve been doing.


I suck at sleeping.


not entering any sleeping contests anytime soon


sleep apnea :frowning:


Insomniastat shouldn’t be “tired”


Introspection is what keeps me up at night.


Stayed up to finish reading the last Harry Potter. Now I’m not tired at all, and there is nothing good on TV.


had this big time last night


Second straight night of not sleeping and I’m working till closing tonight. It’s highly possible that I might kill a customer. First person to argue with me about anything less then 50 cents is getting stabbed in the eye.


Popping some Tylenol PM so sleep has to come or something is seriously wrong.


lol ambient ftw


Fellow Insomniacs <3




SOCOM: best online shooter series ever. Even the awful one (Confrontation) is worth several 2:30 am nights in a row


Took two 20mg pills of vyvanse at 7:00 on sunday night; I’ve been reading so deeply since. I read the catcher in the rye cover to cover; 45 pages of the fellowship of the ring along with writing assignments for my summer reading class; and 60 pages of one flew over the cuckoos nest which I just started. Its 2am I have to wake up for work at 7am and I’m not feeling the least bit tired, what should I do? I’m thinking I should just keep up my productivity and keep reading cuckoos nest b/c its a summer reading book; and Im halfway tempted to pull an all nighter. I don’t think I can possibly get any sleep for quite a bit.


You should buy StarCraft 2 and play it. In all seriousness just pull an all nighter and just get some coffee or a redbull into you when you get to work. You’ll survive the day especially when the sun comes up and you go outside. You’ll wake up and make it through the day.