Inside jokes


what are some that you have with your friends. also any stories where you attempted to reference said joke with the wrong group of people


for the past 2 years my family and i have gone to water safari (water park in upstate ny) and we’ve brought my best friend who’s basically family. well the first year, as we were changing into our swim trunks we find this fat redneck family, with the wife asking about the inner tube rental. when the employee tells them that they have to go to the other side of the park, the fatass dad looks at her, and chuckles “oh hoho you bastard” to his wife. we were already in a goofy mood so this was the funniest thing we’d ever heard at the time. so since then we say that whenever the situation arises

the next year, we were in line for a water slide, and we heard this guy behind us talking to someone who was apparently his business partner or something, and he just kept calling the guy chuck. i’m assuming that’s his name, but again, we’re in a goofy mood so this is hilarious to us. the rest of the day we shouted at random people calling them chuck and offering various encouragements and tips on the various rides. we still refer to people as chuck once in a while just to confuse them lol

edit: of course we also replaced fuck with chuck many times


Well, lets see, theres the classic “T & R” inside joke, which of course means “trip and rape,” and everytime we see an attractive girl on our runs we say, “time for a little T & R!” right next to them.


This may be a double post but we do the same thing with the name “joe.” My friends and I go up to people all the time and say, “sup joe,” and then all refer to each other as “joe” all the time


we say “you can do better” when with a girl

it doesn’t go over well with the girl there or when you say it to someone not in on the joke


Me and several of my friends refer to girls who are plain looking as “white rice” and no one is able to discern what we are talking about. We also used to have code names for various things that were all names, like “Gary” was naked, “Richard” was penis, and there were some other ones that I don’t remember.


I have a friend who is as obsessed with movies as I am, and we always text each other movie quotes. Eventually it evolved to the point where we combine quotes from different movies and/or TV shows. Sometimes we even combine quotes from movies with quotes from our actual lives. It’s become sort of a contest to see who can make the most outrageous and nonsensical combination of references.