Incoming freshman collapses and dies at cc practice


The girl, Allison Brown, was just 14 years old and collapsed during a high school cross country practice yesterday.

Things like this are always sad. :frowning: Her freshman orientation was scheduled for 8/20.

Press Release


Can confirm it is hot down here, which was most likely the main factor.

I hope they weren’t holding practice in the afternoon, when heat indices are usually 100+.


From the myfox8 press release:

Crews were called to the school at 5700 Drake Road at 9:15 a.m. when the student collapsed.

Even still, 9:00 can already be pretty hot. Although it requires a little more discipline to run at dawn or later on (before dusk) it probably should be enforced especially for newbies. If it’s semi-dangerously humid, put the kids in the pool for the day and do some strides after.

Common sense.


9 is usually when the temp is climbing into the 80s and the humidity is still pretty high. Really there is no avoiding it because even when I run at 7 I’m soaked with sweat a mile or two in with the humidity. I almost prefer running in the afternoon now because the humidity is lower and there is usually some cloud cover/a nice breeze.

Considering she was a freshman I’m assuming she wasn’t fully acclimated to running in the heat. A sad situation for sure.