Incidental contact in races


Is it just me or is much more fuss being made over incidental contact in races these days?

I just watched the USATF indoor meet and there was some contact in the distances races. Should we be running the distance races in lanes too?

Remember when runners were able to actually fall and get back up, and go on to win races and set world records…


That’s what happens when you let the liberals tell you what to do!


Forget announcing, I’m going for head of the entire US track program.


Everything goes under the microscope of instant replay and internet chatter these days. I really have not noticed more flag raising, or less, just that when we do see it, it gets a lot of attention.

The Flop and Stop Era


no contact rules are dumb. As long as you aren’t intentionally shoving someone over, it should be allowed. Anytime there is a close race there is going to be jostling. I’ve watched races where guys have elbowed someone drafting off them intentionally and no one got dq’d.