Impress me: Win a shirt


I am still the owner of the signed dyestat shirt. I have had it for way too long, going to pass it on to someone new.

Not asking for anything specific here, make a video, post a pic, tell a story, just impress me, no other guidelines. Not limiting to one entry per person, but try to not just post everything you find.

Shirt seen here.


I don’t deserve it.


a picture of my penis should suffice

check your pm


You don’t mean the Stop Wizard shirt, do you?





I broke my collarbone and sustained a concussion two days ago while dribbling a basketball downhill on a skateboard. Lost control of the ball and then ultimately my board. Can I have shirt now?


I’m Banksy, so that video is not that impressive.


I can cover all bases

and if you want to see some of my stuff just tell me.

EDIT: and you will respect dare


I’ve never signed said shirt. is that impressing?


Give it to me when I buy you a beer. Saves postage.


well im 6’ and since march 18th to today i have gone from 172 to 144 and lost 28 lbs after i brokeup with my gf.
Sarcastic comments aside…do i win?

*Think of all the fat people that cant do that let alone an ex runner


the girl i’m currently “with” is 6 inches taller than me.


I’d probably use it as a cum rag if I got it.

And isn’t that what Dyestat’s final treasure should end up as?


(my suitemate)…

Also i have a video that might impress you, but i cant post it here. I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with a guy ****s a snake.(if you’re into that stuff)


Pretty sure I’ve signed it. Wanna check for me though?


Get some help, son.


puked 11 times yesterday and **** many more times. woke up this morning to black diarrhea. food poisoning for the win. went from weighing 139 after yesterdays morning run to 129 after the ****fest this morning.

something tells me okko wont approve of my post


hmmm. sounds exactly like the sort of **** he’d eat up


Name the 'statters in the picture (note- some answers will be redundant):



redundant, jumperjenni, bdaniels, staterunner013