I'm so sick and tired of


…John Cena.






who else would mentally challenged kids look up to?


Good point, not too many heros out there today.


The horrible rapper or fake wrestler?


We can’t blame Cena for his stint as a rapper, that’s on McMahon. Yes he does lack talent as a rassler, his thing is his physique and he can sell. Mic skills far more important that actual wrestling skills.

I’m just tired of everything evolving around him.

“Pro” rasslin’ is not fake. You are trying to compare it to amateur wrestling. Which is a mistake, the two are totally different. You have to approach pro rasslin’ like you do a movie or a tv show, you ruin it if you try to…“that’s not real”…it’s not suppose to be real. It’s suppose to be entertainment, which it is. As a long time fan I will say it is at an all time low however. Stupid storylines and lack of talent.

I was around 13 when …“that ain’t real”…but it doesn’t matter, you simply play along.

He didn’t have the look, he wasn’t a wrestler, he was the king of the mic.



I dislike wrestling mostly for the fact that there’s no good characters anymore. All these guys use their real names as if they’re relevant.


I agree, where are…

Killer Kowalski
Crusher Lisowski
The Sheik
The Mongolian Stomper
Haystacks Calhoun
Dick the Brusier
Hard Boiled Haggarty
Gorilla Monsoon
Bulldog Brower
Yukon Erich
Bobo Brazil
Bearcat Wright
Rip Hawk
The Destroyer
Mil Mascaras
Sky Hi Lee

…when you need them.