I'm not going to sign up for OBamaCare


My roommate isn’t required to so why should I feel required to?


Yeah dude, stick it to the man by not getting health insurance!


People are the ****ing worst.


Yeah how dare people defy Obama our Lord and Savior from using their liberty to make choices!!! It infuriates me!!! To labor camps with fantasticate and all republicans!!! Democrats for life bro!!!


No. **** this.

People not having health insurance has a huge negative impact on every single other person living in this country. It is exactly why healthcare in this country is so messed up. It clogs the ERs with people with terminal conditions that waited until they no longer could to get help and at that point there is not much that the doctors can do, but they still have to work to keep those patients alive. It costs so much more money to treat the uninsured ER dwellers than it would be if they were able to go see a PCP whenever they needed to (and no, I’m not saying that they all would - but some of them will). That cost drives up the cost of healthcare for the rest of us and prevents people with their own insurance from getting treatment they need because it is too expensive.

So **** you and **** everyone that is bitching about having to get health care. Grow up and realize that you aren’t the only person living in this country and your choices do effect other people.


As long as if you get sick you just get to sit there dying without any medical attention then we can agree you’re just exercising your liberty.


Preach the good word comrade! Soon the workers will own the means of healthcare and production! I’m glad the people could come together to work with doctors and kick out greedy capitalist insurance companies from healthcare !!!

Oh that’s right, this law was only set up to protect health insurers and their profits! Good luck seeing an overworked underpaid doctor because insurers won’t cover him! Have fun going to the poor house because Obamacare still doesn’t make healthcare affordable but protects insurance companies.


So what you’re saying is you want single payer. More government control.


I’m pretty sure everything Funnage says is just a parody of what far right-wingers actually think. He is the meta-troll.


lol ok


lol ya



lol you’re wrong


I’m sorry that everyone is dying all the time but that is what doctors signed up for. I’m still alive and pissed off that the government of the “free” nation I live in is trying to force me to to take care of myself to their “standards.”

I might need to go to the dentist soon but I’ve spent enough time alive knowing how to keep myself healthy.


You know diseases are genetically based, right?


Yes. My family is riddled with cancer.


Well, I hope they all have health insurance.


Well, so far, they have all died. I’m not trying to be bitter but modern medicine could not save them. Why should I buy into a government initiative which doesn’t care about me. Then at the same time I’m threatened with consequences if I fail to follow suit.

Like I said. My architecture friend doesn’t have to sign up because he gets benefits through his firm. So I’m required to sign up for my lack of benefits? **** the United Sates Government of Idiocracy.


This is just a fundamental misunderstanding of the system. At any rate, if that is how you feel it is your prerogative to not want healthcare or get treatments for any disease you may encounter, but it’s not fair for you to change your mind post-diagnosis and then demand the same benefits of those who had insurance all along. This would only work if ERs had the ability to turn you down if you did not have health insurance. Since they cannot, you’re stuck buying health insurance so a bunch of people like you or those who, for one reason or another, can’t afford health insurance, don’t **** over a whole bunch of people. Nah MEEN?


Good luck trying to find a doctor who takes Obamacare! There’s barely any.

Health insurance does not mean you get a doctor.