Im back Thread


Sooo, I had to move back into my luxury suite at college, had to go thru all the XC beginning of the yere stuff, and got a few day ban cuz “all of you were tired of me”.

But now im here and taking any song requests/questions


Were you laughing as you posted this?


what’s a back thread?


He forgot the L




I love Aylar, and Basshunter.


I didn’t even notice that you were gone


thanks bro, I thought you wouldve said something better as my rival


Doc Awesome do your negs mean you like the post? If so do plus reps mean you don’t like it?

If so you should plus rep Admin.


nahh +'s are +'s

whats the dealio with the admin?


Nothing too much, not as if he laughs at his own jokes.


I laughed at my John brown poast, thought it was funny


You were wrong.

Just like Admin.