I'll mail $20 to the person that can


create for me a pretty and marginally graphical header that says “Never Let Me Go” More about the text and background color than graphical aesthetic.

Think Wordpress headers. I need help immediately otherwise I’d do it myself. Also think of the book and movie that is based on that title (if you’ve heard of it).


I know I know, its incredible.


You didn’t copy down the title correctly. Appreciate the effort though JG.


only 33 minutes. wow. that actually is incredible


make the g a gamma.

x_x x_x :cool: :cool:


I want 20 doll hairs.

EDIT: 40 doll hairs


Ten minutes:

Followed the water theme that the film poster had but avoided the dock… I can make teh text more clear if you like, but I like it the way it is…