…could ever get…


…all on the same track at the same time. Bummer!


USC Invitational:

Place Overall Team Time Score
1 1 USC ( Nellum, Hughes, Wyatt, Mance ) 3:02.24 -
2 2 Texas A&M ( Roberts, Babineaux, Preble, Lendore ) 3:03.16 -
3 4 Oregon ( Berry, Delaney, Harper, Brown ) 3:10.13 -
4 5 BYU ( Hart, Atrice, Lindahl, Carter ) 3:10.44 -
5 6 Michigan ( Neuman, Arastu, Taylor, Parker ) 3:10.89 -
6 10 Washington St. ( Dawson, Hopkins, Shelby, Wells ) 3:19.38 -
7 11 Washington ( Whitley, Miller, Krinik, Bywater ) 3:24.01


Boom. Roasted.




My bad, I was talking about at the NCAAs. As we see no Mance.


You really think they’re leaving a 44.84 guy off of the 4x4 (assuming health)?


You really think I would think…

Let’s look at USC and the 400m

Mike Larrabee Olympic gold
Quincy Watts Olympic gold

All these guys at sub 45.00

Ken Randle
Billy Mullins
Jerome Davis
Lionel Larry

But at no time did they have as many fast 400 guys as they have right now. When they set their school record they had to use a sprinter Curtis Conway. Now they have some 400m horses but can never keep them all healthy in these big meets. Mance must be hurt…again.


More likely they left Mance off because he has to run the final in the 400 today.


I hope that is the case.

When we think of the 400/4x4 from an historical perspective it’s Baylor, UCLA and ASU. Those three schools have had tons of great 400 guys, well so has USC. Just not a gang there together, until now.


Except that your statement was if they could ever get them all on the same track at the same time. Which they did. You just either weren’t paying attention this year or your trivia knowledge failed you :eek:


With the NCAA’s coming up at the time I posted that I just assumed…

I always pay attention and my trivia knowledge never fails me. But, I should have known better, well aware of how important it is to some people to play what you did.


Wow. Not sure what that kind of confidence feels like.

USC played this out the best they could with three studs (not that Wyatt isn’t as well) all running on potentially questionable legs.

Mance was scheduled to run the heats of the 4x4. He made the 400 final, Hughes (who was not scheduled to run the heats) did not. Coach asks a quick question, “can you run the heats?” and suddenly Hughes switched with Mance. Mance (who had his own injury issues) stays a little fresher and voila 2nd in the NCAA on the relay. Too bad Nellum let McQuay through on the inside, would have made things at least a little more interesting if he hadn’t.

Conway also went to Hawthorne and had quite the decorated career, I’m sure he had run plenty of solid 400 legs by the time he got to USC, not to mention that team he ran on had the 1992 version of Quincy Watts.


That team of…

Travis Hannah
Martin Cannady
Quincy Watts

…did not have the speed this current USC 4x4 team has. I did think these Trojans could have won that relay if they’d been at their very best.

Curtis Conway was a state 100 champ as you know, he also was running 45.8ish 4x4 splits while at Hawthorne. But he wasn’t on a par in the 4x4 with what we see now at USC. Only Watts could have made the current team.

Conway the answer to my trivia question…

What former HS QB would run a sub 10.30 100m.


Trivia is the knowledge of useless facts. Those who think themselves well versed in trivia often lack the ability to manipulate that information and use it to make a useful point.


I would agree if trivia was all somebody was into. It’s when you have the trivia in addition to an understanding of the topic/subject…cool:D

There is also how things are done on the internet. Anytime anyone tells it like it is it will always be…“yeah right”. You disagree?


When you find that person, send him to the TT boards. You’re just a trivia nerd with little applicable knowledge.


Where do you get that idea? So far you haven’t shown me trivia or applicable knowledge.

What is it you want to talk about?


I get it from you spouting trivia and nothing else significant. As if you having trivial knowledge makes you knowledgable about anything. I could care less to have any sort of conversation with you. It is apparent in the various threads here that you are socially handicapped. I’m guessing home schooling did that too you.


I was an insurance salesman, hardly socially handicapped, wrong as usual.

All I see you do is weep and moan. Dude, stop wimpering around…ok? If you wanna talk sprinting let’s do that. You are too busy trying to be a pest.

Here ya go…

I’m a strong believer in 400m endurance being more important in the 200m than 100m speed. Yes a 200 guy needs speed but it’s more important that he has that speed endurance. Well?


I think you’re completely incorrect. Which is why we see more 100 meter runners than 400 meter runners excel in the 200.