If there were no Wariner?


Who would step up in the US ranks to truly compete in the 400 at the world level right now?

First, let’s leave our hurdlers out of this: No Clement, Taylor and Jackson.

Which of our young 'uns or not so young long sprinters are ready to step up?

LeGerald Betters seems to be AWOL
Gil Roberts maybe? 45.29 so far this year and did make the Berlin team . . .
Joey Hughes from USC?
Michael Berry from Oregon? 44.91 as a frosh is no joke
Calvin Smith? 45.36 this year with a best of 44.81 but hasn’t done very well even in NCAA finals.
Josh Scott? 45.01 last year and in the Pre field coming up.

Personally I just don’t see Nixon, Torrence or Neville really getting up there in a major final.

Nellum? McQuay (45.21 indoors)? Lawrence?

Perhaps we’ll find out much more at the NCAA meet but even NCAA right now has James, Henry and Pinder so even a US medal there is looking tough!

Looks like our long relay might easily have Clement and Taylor on it again. Heck, maybe Tyson will get his wish and get thrown on there although he hasn’t run a flat race this year so that’s doubtful.

Who’s got a guess? Who is the next great US quartermiler?


Tavaris Tate? He has had a very quiet season so far though.


I certainly would have said that last year. I thought he was injured although checking the East Regionals start lists quickly does show him in there. 46.2 so far this year.


Tony McQuay

He ran 20.61/45.21 indoors, and last year he was splitting 44s on UF’s 4x4. He’s a real smooth runner, and relay beast.

I think Joey Hughes will do well at the next level. He’s run 45.0 already this year, and 45.1 last year. He’s bound to drop into the 44s sometime soon.

Also, Tavaris Tate just wins; undefeated in his senior year in high school. I expect him to get back into sub 45 form, although, that won’t likely happen until next year.

On a side note, Calvin Smith was something like 16x All American. The guy can compete on a national level. Keep in mind, he often ran 3 events at the SEC and NCAA meet. He also beat Tyson Gay in the 400m last year! (44.81-44.86)


I can see Torrin Lawrence stepping up in the next couple of years with good health.


Tate is a beast. But this isn’t the best argument as to why he’s the next great elite national star.


Bryshon Nellum. He’s rising in a hurry once more.


Maybe not the best argument, but Tate ran 44.84 last year, thus carrying the momentum from his senior year in HS.:stuck_out_tongue:

Tate is a winner. Every 4x4 and even 4x1 he simply guns for the leader, even when he’s out of the picture.

Watch the 2010 SEC 4x1 or NCAA 4x4.

Definitely a threat on the international scene in the upcoming years.


Wait, why aren’t you guys talking about Kirani James?! Dude is sick.

…oh yea.


What ever happened to David Gettis?

EDIT: http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/players/profile?playerId=13367

Nevermind… Not enough Panthers games on TV


Don’t know much about Errol Nolan (45.54 this year), but he’s doing some impressive things for a 19 year old not attending a big conference school: http://www.uhcougars.com/sports/c-track/mtt/nolan_errol00.html


Jordan Boase ran 45.65 in Dakar. .01 off his best since his breakout year in '08 when he came out of nowhere to run 44.82 and 20.37.

If he can get back to 44.82 he is right in the thick of things.


Would’ve been nice to see this guy actually run all 4 years at baylor. anybody know why he quit track?


I think the answer is in the NFL paycheck he is currently receiving.


Lockout! It’d be cool if all of the football guys that claim they could beat Bolt etc. would try track for some supplemental earnings.


I’m not sure why kingcoe made this a hypothetical - folks other than Wariner will be trying to make the Taegu team. That should give us our answer.


psst, they dont like it when you call it "T"aegu over here, same thing with "P"usan. Not quite the same thing as Sea of Japan (East Sea to koreans) and Yellow Sea (West Sea), but they are rather over-sensitive. :rolleyes:


I made it a hypothetical because there just haven’t been many topics and I’ve been disappointed in the US quality in the 400 behind Wariner.

Boase down to 45.34 in Ostrava today.

It will be nice to see Wariner actually need to try to make the team as well. No Wildcard this year . . .


Well done.


And this became more of a reality than ever before. If he doesn’t improve his form, just making the final at worlds will be as close as getting top 3 was at USA’s.