I'd like to ask for some help


I was wondering if you guys could check out some of my music on YouTube and thumbs up it if you enjoy it.

It’s a really easy way for me to get my music out there since when you search for things generally the most viewed and thumbed are put higher on the results.

I don’t really have much to offer except my thanks and a plus rep.


3 people did not know that this song convince Jason Rexing to race in trainers.




I’d whore myself out for a good +rep. Consider it done.


Interesting stuff and very cool album art.

Have you heard of Julius “the Mad Thinker?” I happen to be friends with his sister.


Just to clarify I don’t want anyone to thumb up something they don’t like. Just check a few different tracks out and if you like them then thumb, favorite, subscribe, or whatever else.

Thanks guys.


Thumbs up if TrackTalk brought you here!!!


How do I do that here?


Bump. Thanks to those who have helped me out so far. The views on my remix have gone up by like 50 so far haha.


Kitaro-like in some respects… not at all in others.


Listening now.


Thanks for the thumbs down to whoever gave it to me since I assume it was someone here.


Forgot to chime in.

I really enjoyed your slower beats. Thought they were much better than the more up-tempo ones.

Good stuff, keep working hard.




i’ll take credit for the thumbs down


Yeah, I’ll admit the quality of some of my faster tracks in lower but I think it’s because I’m more suited to the chill out Techno and DnB tracks. Thanks again.

Thank you, sir!



One last bump and next time it hits page two I’m deleting it. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. It really helps a lot.


which one did i thumbs down? i feel kinda bad about it and i can reverse it right?


Yay I helped a person.


helter skelter wasn’t too bad, but ur music is like a trance beat on crystal meth lol, it’s unique not my personal choice but regardless i gave a thumbs up on about 4 vids so hope i helped.