IAAF Indoor GP Stockholm - 02/21


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little dibaba just annihilated the women’s 3k field, 8:26, 3s off the WR


7:30.16 ftw for rupp!

how nice of them to cut away from long jump coverage to show the last lap

edit: apparently flotrack pro also only showed the first and last lap, what a joke


kaki with a 1:50 for DFL, ouch.


Was just gonna post that…

1 Mohammed Aman 94 ETH 1:45.05 WL PB
2 Adam Kszczot 89 POL 1:46.62 SB
3 Timothy Kitum 93 KEN 1:47.61 PB
4 Anthony Chemut 92 KEN 1:47.79
5 Johan Rogestedt 93 SWE, F Stenungsunds FI 1:48.51 PB
6 Musaeb Balla 89 QAT 1:50.35
7 Abubaker Kaki 89 SUD 1:50.47
Matt Scherer (pace) 83 USA DNF

Aman with a World Leader. Dunno what happened to Kaki, but it was bad…


Rupp with the AR… Nice.


One of the first photoshops I ever did. It seems like just yesterday…


What the heck was he doing there?

And who’s the other Oregon guy? (I was a track noob back then.)


shadrick biwott-kiptoo, was in the same class as galen and part of that great race at FLN with withrow/rupp.


Looks like Shadrack Biwott-Kiptoo.

Edit: was beaten to it


He was giving a double “thumbs up” to his coach.

These are my favorite Galen creations (hard to believe how many years ago these were done):


Aman made several other talented folks look pretty pedestrian.

Kszczot is a 1:43.30 guy and has made 2 indoor world champ finals grabbing bronze once and one outdoor final.

Kitum is the 10th fastest man ever at 1:42.53 and of course the bronze medalist in London.

Chemut ran 1:43.96 in the Kenyan Trials (thus altitude) last year and made the London semis where he came home 4th in 1:45.63.

oh, and Rupp’s time makes him 7th fastest ever indoors replacing at number 7 one K Bekele.


7:30.16 is just a SENSATIONAL job by Galen Rupp. Wow! Good for him.

7:27pt outdoors looks likely, and few have ever done that.


Rupp now WL in 1500, mile, and 3k.


Yeah, 'cause everyone saw that coming.


I remember when Gebremeskel ran 12:46, and someone said that Rupp would have totally in the mix to run 12:4x. I proceeded to scoff at them and state how ridiculous a possibility that was.

I may end up eating my words if Rupp gets into a fast Diamond League 5km. Salazar probably won’t have him going to Europe, but I’d love to see Rupp get into Rome/Paris/Monaco/whatever fast European race.


i wouldnt be at all surprised to see him hop in a fast race after moscow, especially since they will already be over there.

EDIT: remember that salazar did throw ritz into zurich after berlin a few years ago and he set the AR.