IAAF: 28 athletes from 2005 and 2007 WC 'have adverse doping tests'


Beginning in April 2015, using the latest technology available in the field of anti-doping and taking advantage of the new World Anti-Doping Code’s provision extending from 8 to 10 years the period during which samples can be tested, the IAAF made a second reanalysis of Helsinki 2005 and Osaka 2007 samples. This reanalysis has confirmed a further 28 athletes with 32 adverse findings.

Due to the legal process, none of these athletes can be named yet.

A large majority of the 28 are retired, some are athletes who have already been sanctioned, and only very few remain active in sport. The IAAF is provisionally suspending them and can confirm that none of the athletes concerned will be competing in Beijing.

Source: http://www.iaaf.org/news/press-release/positive-retests-helsinki-2005-osaka-2007


nice of IAAF to say- we were not good enough technically to catch them then but we got them now and the right athlete will get the medal/accolades - 10 years too late to put any money in their pockets but at lest they’ll be in the record book in their rightful place from Helsinki05 and Osaka07 perhaps even medalists-


When I read that most of the people in question were retired I thought…

What a bullshit cover up – it’s a workaround to silence the media wolves and everyone else involved to make it appear they are being tough on doping.

Some people spent 8 years as gold medailists or more so the situation isn’t very life altering. They’ve already reaped the benefits in that social stratosphere. Plus, they were convinced they got away with whatever it was they weren’t supposed to be doing.


Cover up for sure. Also who are the athletes?


According to Letsrun, Elvan Abeylegesse is among the busted. That means a WC silver for Kara Goucher, and perhaps and Olympic silver for Flanagan?


Where would we have to set the odds to get any action on “Elvan Abeylegesse not going to get popped by WADA and really is out with an injury”?