I wanna get high




me too man


Song: Scotch and Soda- Kingston Trio

“Scotch and Soda” was discovered by the Trio through Tom Seaver’s parents, who had first heard it in a hotel piano lounge in 1932 when on their honeymoon in Phoenix, Arizona. They liked it so much that they had the piano player write it down for them so it would be “their song.” One member of the trio (Dave Guard) was dating Seaver’s older sister (Katie) at that time, and heard the song on a visit to the Seaver home. Although it is credited to Dave Guard, the trio never discovered the real songwriter’s name, though they searched for years.



be careful about getting high, brah




Gotta love Swedish television.


Kupferberg was one-of-a-kind.


At first I hated the video in the OP, then I clicked the youtube button and saw that the poor kid had 18 thousand something dislikes, and suddenly I didn’t dislike it as much. This kid is either a master troll or simply doing what he loves, and for that he deserves 100,000 thumbs up for being so brave.


The autotune is strong with this one.


Not sure if serious…


If I heard this on the radio I would assume it was a top-ten hit. It honestly sounds just like half the pop music of the last five years, so I’m a little confused why this is considered shittier than anything else.


Even if it’s done this way it sounds like a lot of the stuff out today!



But it’s his ability to break out into killer dance moves that sets him apart.