I miss Highschool


This may seem like a dumb thread but I was just sitting here thinking about it. For some reason or another I woke up today at 6:20am. Now I am 2 years out of high school and I have not had to wake up this early since then. The earliest I have had to wake up would be 7:15 to catch the train when I needed too. But even wjen I had to catch the train it would be from school. But I was home in the same bed I grew up in. I just thought that though I did not have the best time in high school… I kind of miss it, waking everyday tired as s***, taking a shower, going to school and seeing everyone I had known for a really long time. The bells, the classes, the teachers, and just how much easier life was. I definetly took it for granted then. For me at least, I was with the same group of kids from k-12. There was only 150~ kids in my grade so I dont know if thats why I miss it, as opposed to someone who went to a large school. But I really felt I knew everyone. Even at graduation I felt like this would be the last time we would all ever be together like, and I mean I realized that, but it did not bother me then but for some reason it bothers me now. Maybe its because I go to a big school now, and there isnt that connection with the people anymore. I dont know, just thought that crossed my mind, and just curious if I am alone on this one. Any Thoughts? or does anyone else miss high school or dread it?


You just made me sad.


Dreaded high school. Pretty miserable 4 years, in every possible way.


Didnt you go to private school? did you have dorm away from home


I do not miss high school. I much prefer being at college.


Private Catholic school - 10 minutes from my house. Not a boarding school. The school itself was fine, but my peers were not.


Im not saying I dont like college, I actually perfer college as well, but high school and the idea of being home and seeing all those people you’ve always seen… and then not is just a werid feeling. When I woke up that early I felt like I had to go to school and see all those same people, friends I kept in touch with and others… and others I have lost touch with. I just couldnt believe how much as changed and I dont know if I am thinking about all of this because my life is in a rutt right now or if they are genuine feelings


I went to a small public school, and everyone knew each other since we were like 5 years old… but I am assuming that since you are on a HS Track forum that you ran in high school… you must have hung out with teammates and what not. Were they just stuck up? like the rich stuck up type?


I miss certain aspects of high school but not the overall experience. I don’t really miss college at all.


A bunch of lames ITT


This was a good post by MoS. I never really shared the sentiments he expressed, but maybe some of y’all will.



I don’t not miss high school at all other than the competition of XC. That’s something you really can’t replicate as a non-athlete in college.




i hated everything about high school


I hated it. Maybe thats because one of the guys on the team started spreading rumors I was gay because I fingerbanged the girl he liked… Worse yet the only openly gay guy at my high school apparently wanted my poopchute because he thought the rumors were true.

God I hated high school too much bull****.


I miss XC and that’s it.


I miss how unstressed and care-free I was in high school. I miss the friends and the team. I miss the teachers.

I don’t miss the cliches: the emo/goths, the dumb hicks, the “popular kids”, the ****ty football team, etc. I don’t miss 6:30-2:30 every day. I don’t miss the classes full of Asian kids. I don’t miss my crazy exe. I don’t miss living at home. I don’t miss being tied down to my parent’s plans. I don’t miss the incompetent **** that was my coach.


ITT: People who didn’t have friends in high school.



What? Everyone in your high school must have been retarted. Probably a public school.


The only thing I miss about high school was the running. I was a fairly good high school runner, I won some races, placed high in some fairly important invitationals etc. It seemed as if everyone knew me at all the local races, people wanted to talk to me because I was a pretty good runner, etc. In college I improved, but everyone is good in college and you go from being contending in races in high school to midpack where no one notices you. .

As far as everything else is concerned college >>>>>>>>>>>high school